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Oriental Furniture

Today the interest in all things Japanese, Asian and Oriental furniture is very popular.  These Eastern interiors are well known for their minimalist style, extensive use of wood, high quality craftsmanship and reliance on the natural beauty of wood grain to create stylish, contemporary furniture.

Japanese furniture has a simple elegance and uncomplicated beauty that is fused with functionality. Our beautiful fretwork Harmoni range is crafted from reclaimed teak and is stained to a deep warm brown.  This range features an ultra stylish bed frame, lamp tables and an array of chest of drawers.

The traditional Japanese home is based on ‘Ma’- the balance between a space and the objects in it.  If you visualise a traditional Japanese room it would be simple and uncluttered, with furniture featuring simple, clean, and often boxy lines.

Japan has historically had a “floor-seated” culture and many types of Japanese furniture are meant to be used while sitting on the floor or built low to the ground.  Japanese furniture tends to be slightly raised off the floor and most pieces of furniture serve many purposes. For example, a low coffee table may double as a dinner table. Simply arrange beautiful plush pillows on the floor and your guests can sit back and relax.

Traditional Japanese homes would always feature storage chests known as Tansu. They are identified by the elaborate decorative iron work and these original chests are some of the most sought after Japanese antiques. The word Tansu in the Japanese language means joined wooden boxes. Tansu furniture can be divided into hundreds of sub styles but by far the most popular is Kaidan Tansu, which are stacked trunks often forming the shape of stairs. Though the stair step design of Kaidan Tansu is sought after for its aesthetic appeal in modern homes, traditionally it was used both to climb to lofts and provide extra storage.

Here at Puji we have a selection of Oriental furniture, including chests in both black and white lacquer.  Our Japanese ranges offer trunks, cabinets and large storage chests.

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