Oriental Style Living Rooms

Oriental-style furniture has an eye-catching elegance that will bring the wow factor into your living room. The beauty of oriental-style living room furniture cannot be under-estimated. Furniture inspired by the Far East is simple in design with sleek, clean lines giving it a timeless appeal that works well with traditional as well as modern western furniture. Just a few exotic pieces in a clutter-free room helps promotes the Asian style of calmness, order and serenity for a relaxing living space you will enjoy spending time in.

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Furniture inspired by the Far East will add luxury to your living room and create a strong impact. Dark wood set against a neutral background gives your home a rich and exotic look and can be further enhanced by colourful home accessories. Oriental furniture has a reputation for superb quality and craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Pieces are generally hand-crafted from high quality hard woods such as teak, oak and bamboo. These woods provide the strength and durability that are characteristic of Oriental design and ideal for family living.

Here at Puji, our luxurious and outstanding collection of traditional hand-crafted Oriental furniture looks striking in any home. Our superb range includes coffee tables, side tables, book cases, audio storage, side boards and display units, all based on elegant and stylish Oriental design.

Chinese Black Lacquer Furniture

Black lacquered furniture is simply stunning and can transform any living space. Our craftsmen take pride in producing durable, high quality furniture pieces that are built to last. Here at Puji our Shanxi range blends antique simplicity with modern western design to create beautiful furniture pieces to be admired.

Black lacquered furniture is exquisite and has a history that dates back thousands of years. It involves the meticulous process of sealing the wood in several thin layers of high gloss varnish. Only the most skilled craftsman can achieve a perfect lacquered finish. Once accomplished, the result is a smooth, shiny and robust surface which is highly resistant to water, acid, alkali and abrasion.

Lacquering was a popular process used in the manufacture of classical Chinese furniture. The varnish originates from the “varnish tree”, a tree native to China. Resin extracted from the tree is blended with chemical compounds composed of iron and oxygen to colour it red, or more popularly black. After the initial base coat, multiple layers of lacquer are applied in a careful and complicated process. Lacquered furniture was especially popular during the Ming Dynasty and painted scenes were added on top of the lacquer during the Qing Dynasty. Black lacquered furniture makes a wonderful style statement and adds luxury to any living space.

Solid Oriental Dark Wood Furniture

Oriental furniture can be made from a variety of different woods such as teak, oak, mahogany, munggar, mango, pine and maranti. All types of timber have their own unique qualities such as the grain, strength of the wood and colour. Teak, for example, has a number of uses because it has a high natural oil content which makes it durable in all weather conditions. It can be used to make boats, outdoor buildings, garden furniture, indoor furniture and accessories.

Puji’s stylish range of solid reclaimed teak pieces look elegant in an oriental-styled room. Teak with a dark finish adds character and warmth to a contemporary home. The deep, rich colours of dark timber set against a background of neutral walls and flooring adds a wonderful sensuality to the space. For an exotic feel, display your cherished ornaments and Buddha heads in a solid wood display unit. Our Mandarin bookcase has a dark finish and features intricate fretwork which makes it a striking addition to any home.

If you are looking for finely carved furniture to showcase in your living room, the Colonial Side unit and trunk are stunning furniture pieces. Stained to warm brown tones and hand-finished, they make a beautiful focal point.


Accessories are key when it comes to styling your home. Luxurious fabrics, soft lighting, bold artwork and well-placed mirrors all make a difference to the overall look of your living space. For an oriental-style living room keep the walls neutral but add exotic and colourful accessories for added impact.

Bring colour and texture into your living room with fabulous cushions or throws. Puji’s Pintuck cushions are opulent and stylish and create a warm and romantic feel in any room, or choose Puji’s Swarovski cushions for instant richness and have a comfortable throw to hand for cosy nights in. Rugs add warmth to your sitting room and our superb range of contemporary colours and designs will add the perfect finishing touches.

Set the mood with soft lighting and candles. A feature lamp can make a great statement, or group some candles together. Scented candles and diffusers help spice up a room and provide an instant pick-me up. Change the scent according to your mood and light candles as soon as you get in from work for a cosy and homely feel.

Add an exotic touch to your home with Eastern inspired accessories such as the banana floor vase, teak wheel or the floor standing Buddha. Keep your room clutter free by storing less attractive items in furniture, storage boxes or trunks, such as the Oriental Shanxi trunk. Screens such as Puji’s coco stick screen introduces warm natural shades and shields unsightly areas or creates cosy intimate ones.

Finally, mirrors brighten dark areas and create the illusion of more space. They can also be a great way of introducing texture into the room. The bamboo circular resin mirror is a stunning feature mirror made of bamboo laid in resin frame. It will provide more than just a reflective surface – it will become a stunning focal point in your home. With the right accessories and a few finishing touches, even the smallest of homes can feel luxurious.

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