Oriental Tables

 Furniture inspired by the Orient adds luxury and elegance to your living space. Even a small item of furniture such as an oriental table can look wonderful in any home and gives space a rich and exotic look. Puji sell a superb range of oriental tables which include oriental dining tables, oriental coffee tables and oriental side tables. Our selection includes black lacquered tables, tables created from ethically sourced solid teak wood and other high quality hardwoods such as oak, walnut, mahogany, ash and mango.

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Oriental Coffee Tables

An oriental coffee table has a timeless appeal and makes a striking focal point in the living room. Puji’s stylish collection includes black lacquer coffee tables, solid teak wood coffee tables and tables created from other Indonesian hard-woods such as mahogany and mango. Oriental coffee tables feature superb craftsmanship and highly functional designs with elegant proportions and simple, fluid lines. Made from extremely durable oriental woods such as teak and mahogany, oriental furniture also can feature a shiny black lacquered finish which creates a wonderful talking point.

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Teak Coffee Tables

Teak wood is an exotic hard-wood rich in character and beauty. Known for its interesting character marks, deep colours and rich grain patterns, teak is often used in oriental furniture design. This makes a teak coffee table an excellent choice for an oriental-style living room. Dark wood set against a neutral background works well in any home and its rich, deep tones gives space a warm and inviting feel. For that perfect finishing touch add colourful accessories to the room such as rugs, artwork and soft cushions in luxurious fabrics.

Teak wood is an appealing choice for architects, builders, designers and manufacturers because it is so hard-wearing and produces high quality furniture which is solid, robust and easy to look after. Puji sell a superb collection of teak coffee tables in a range of styles and finishes to add luxury and sophistication to your living space.

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Black Lacquer Coffee Tables

A black lacquer coffee table is beautiful to look at and creates a stunning focal point. Black lacquer furniture has a timeless elegance which works so well in any style of home from traditional country cottages to modern city apartments. A black lacquer coffee table will always be admired.

Puji has a superb range of black lacquer coffee tables in contemporary designs that will make a striking impact in your living room. Taking its influence from the Far East, our black lacquered coffee tables have stressed edging and elegant proportions. Each of our hand-crafted coffee tables in this range have been lacquered seven times to create a superb quality, shiny and highly robust surface that is built to last.

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Oriental Dining Tables

Puji’s oriental dining tables look outstanding in any home. Our range includes black lacquer dining tables, solid teak wood dining tables and dining tables make from other Indonesian hard woods such as mahogany. Oriental dining room tables are highly robust and feature superb quality craftsmanship, simplicity of form, sleek, clean lines and elegant proportions. Some feature a shiny black lacquered surface.

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Black Lacquer Dining Tables.

Black lacquer dining tables are extremely durable and create a beautiful and lasting impression in the home. Lacquering involves a painstaking finishing process, which has been refined and perfected over generations. The varnish resin comes from the sap of the varnish tree, a tree native to China. After a base coat is applied, layer upon layer of lacquer is built up evenly in a meticulous and careful process to produce a gleaming and highly robust surface.

Puji’s wonderful selection of oriental black lacquer dining tables are striking in design and look superb alongside the stunning Shanxi carver chairs or Ivory white soft leather Shanxi chairs.

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Teak Dining Tables

Known for its beauty and durability, teak wood is an ideal wood for an oriental dining table. All the teak dining tables in Puji’s “exclusive” range are made from one hundred per cent reclaimed teak from Indonesia. Teak from Indonesia has a reputation for being of the highest quality in the world.

With its rich grain patterns, interesting character marks and deep colours, this attractive and exotic hard wood will always be admired. Teak is an ideal wood of choice for many architects, manufacturers, designers and builders because it produces solid, robust furniture which is easy to maintain and very durable.

Puji has a stunning collection of teak dining tables to suit all types of interiors and budgets.

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Mahogany Dining Tables

Puji sell a wonderful selection of teak and mahogany dining tables for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. Mahogany is a very beautiful timber which darkens to a reddish brown colour over time. It is a very durable hard wood and polishes to a high sheen. Cabinet-makers find it easy to work with.

A popular wood for producing fine furniture, mahogany is an attractive, high quality timber. It is a leading wood for carpentry, dining tables, carving, musical instruments and veneers.

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Oriental Side Tables

Side tables are also known as end tables, occasional tables and lamp tables. Puji sell a wide selection of Asian and oriental side tables created from teak, mahogany and black lacquered ash. We have black lacquered, white lacquered, solid teak wood side tables and oriental-style occasional tables in contemporary designs. Our range also includes side tables that double up as storage units.

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Teak Side Tables

Teak wood is a highly durable and exotic hard wood. Oriental furniture is often crafted from teak wood so a teak side table or lamp table would be a superb addition to your living room set.

Puji specialise in sustainable hard woods, such as teak, and sell a wide range of occasional tables in traditional and contemporary designs. Teak wood is highly robust and contains natural oils that can tolerate years of use, so a Puji teak side table will always be admired.

Teak is a stunning wood with rich grain patterns, deep colours and interesting character marks. A classic dark finish creates a luxurious feel and brings out the attractiveness of the grain. You could also opt for a contemporary light wood finish or have your side table left natural to show the beauty of the wood.

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Lacquered Side tables

Black lacquer furniture has a timeless elegance and is a wonderful addition to an oriental-style living room. Even a small piece of oriental furniture, such as a black lacquered side table or occasional table, adds impact and looks stunning in any home from the traditional to the more modern.

Puji’s striking range of black lacquered side tables are contemporary in design and have stressed edging and elegant proportions. All the furniture in this range has been lacquered seven times for a very robust surface. Puji also has a selection of white lacquered furniture for a crisp, clean, fresh look. The Shanxi white lamp table or side table has a smooth linen white lacquered finish, stressed edging and elegant proportion.

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Other Oriental Side Tables

Puji also have a selection of oriental side tables in mahogany, which is a highly robust and beautiful high quality hard wood. Mahogany has good working and finishing characteristics and polishes to a high sheen. It is a popular timber used for producing fine furniture and is a leading wood for carpentry, musical instruments, carving and veneers.

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