Our Beautiful Contemporary Home Accessories Range

contemporary home accessories

Here at Puji we specialise in contemporary, trendy and unique hand crafted accessories.   Our contemporary home accessories range includes impressive lava carved Buddha heads, rattan woven wall art and mother of pearl mirrors.  We believe that the natural materials contrast beautifully with wooden furniture and your chosen accessories will bring your room to life.

Below is a quick guide on the different natural materials we use to craft our stunning home accessories from:-


Naturally lime rich central Java yields a lot of ceramic products. We have a range of natural ceramic pots which are hand-painted in Indonesia by our chosen craftsmen. In our range we also have large ceramic pots wrapped in natural water hyacinth, bamboo, tree bark and banana which creates very unique floor standing pots and vases.


The majority of wood used in the Puji contemporary home accessories range is young mahogany because it is very easy to carve, shape and manipulate. The local Javanese craftsmen are skilled in hand crafting these uniquely designed display pots from sustainable mahogany plantations and the dark smooth finish is easy to wipe clean. We also sell beautiful one off sculpted pieces crafted from high quality reclaimed teak which is sourced from reputable brokers in Indonesia.


Coconut can be found in abundance in Indonesia and the resourceful Indonesian craftsmen are experts at fashioning almost anything from discarded broken coconut shells. Mixed with resin and polished, these contemporary home accessories complement the Puji range perfectly. We sell mirrors with decorative frames made from coconut shell which form a striking focal point in any room.


All lava products are handmade from solidified lava from the Merabi Volcano in Java which was active less than 100 years ago. Huge lumps of lava stone are chiselled from the immense area of the Merabi Volcano and taken back to the craftsmen’s workshop. There they set about hand carving the rock into the Puji designs.

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