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If you’re aiming to be a successful host at your next garden party or family barbeque then you will need to ensure that no detail, however small, is overlooked.  It’s the little details that can turn a gathering into a great event and one that your friends will remember and almost certainly aspire to.   A barbeque is a perfect time to impress family and friends with your creativity, charm and culinary brilliance.  But, before all of that, you need to ensure your guests are comfortable and feel at ease.

Below is a simple guide to help you get on track and enjoy the season of alfresco dining:

Set the Scene

Firstly, set the scene; this is easy to achieve, whether its solar fairy lights strung up or even a few bunches of flowers on the patio table. Take time to make your BBQ party look pretty and make sure you set up your eating area beforehand.  If you have the time, go a step further and really make an impression by sending out BBQ invitations to your guests.

Create a Playlist

Add background music, but avoid turning the volume up too much as you don’t want your guests to struggle to talk over the music! If you have decided on an event theme, you can set the scene by choosing music to reflect this.

Include some Games

The best outdoor gatherings are those that continue well into the evening, so preventing the afternoon lull is important. If it is a family event, why not introduce some ball games, card games or fun activities to keep the kids and adults busy?

Have Blankets and Throws to Hand

As the sun fades, and the air takes on a chill, keep your guests comfortable by having blankets and throws to hand. Drape them over garden chairs or on bench seating so they can just grab one and stay snug.  If you have a fire pit, then make sure it’s prepared beforehand and get it lit before the temperature drops too low. If you don’t have a fire pit, one alternative is to have a bonfire. You could make it fun but getting the kids to build it in the afternoon and then as the night draws on you can closely supervise them while they toast marshmallows and light some sparklers.  They’ll be raving about your garden party all summer.


Make sure your seating is comfortable and create a cosy seating area that guests can use once they leave the buffet table.  Blankets and padded cushions work great on lawn and decking areas and will keep your guests comfy so your barbecue can continue well into the evening.  If you have kids attending, then you could even set up a wigwam or tent so they have their own area to retreat to and play in.


Don’t overlook your lighting! Lighting is a key element to creating a welcoming atmosphere, especially when the sun fades.  Have garden torches, candles and hurricane lanterns set up in advance so all you have to do is to light them. Strung solar lights look very pretty wrapped around tree trunks or hung from porches and they will automatically come on when the evening grows dark.  You can also light pathways so your guests can find their way around easily without knocking over glasses or trampling on your flower beds!

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