Add Interest to your Home with a Handmade Limited Edition Piece

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection

Handmade accessories add interest and intrigue to your home interior. Even better are handmade accessories which are environmentally and socially conscious in the way they are manufactured.  At Puji our accessories are all very unique, and are handcrafted and hand finished in Indonesia.  We strongly believe in supporting local artisans and communities in Indonesia who manufacture using old tried and tested techniques along with sustainable materials that don’t damage the environment; the end result is handmade accessories filled with natural character and beauty.

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition CollectionOur limited edition furniture pieces are also crafted with an immaculate attention to detail and no two are the same.  The beauty of furniture made from recycled timbers is that they add individuality and character to your home.  Here, at Puji, we believe there is something truly satisfying about creating something new and beautiful from something old.  We take great care to consider the environment when we are designing and introducing new collections and believe our furniture and accessories should be practical, functional, and ethical.

Our latest collection of striking handmade limited edition pieces have been carefully designed and sourced.  We know choosing accessories and statement furniture is never easy, so why not take a look at our top 5 picks that will certainly add interest to your home décor:

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection1)    Liana Carved Photo Frame- It’s true a photograph can reveal so much: it can tell a story, capture a moment in time and even a feeling.  So many of us have images on our computers that are meaningful to us, so why not print off those special ones and frame them so they can be enjoyed on a daily basis? You can really enhance a photograph by selecting the right frame.  The liana frame has been intricately carved by hand and is available in a distressed white finish or soft grey.  You can use photography in many wonderful ways to decorate and personalise your home interior.


Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection2)    Nautical Round Jute Mirror- We always like to add jute products to our new collections because it is a fantastic material to work with and so eco-friendly.  Jute has minimal impact on the environment because it is a vegetable fibre that is rain fed and has little need for pesticides; it is biodegradable and sustainable.  Our new round jute wall mirror has been crafted from hand from jute twisted with water hyacinth, and the two materials together create an interesting contrast. The overall result is a super stylish mirror.

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection3)    Osha Painted Candle Holders- These candleholders are charming and elegant in design.  Crafted from willow they have been skilfully hand painted by local artisans in Indonesia and will make a wonderful feature.



Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection4)    Shell Ball Lamp- These lamps showcase the natural beauty that can be achieved when manufacturing by hand.  Each small sea shell has been intricately affixed together and the soft, warm, natural colours of the shells create a lamp that will blend with any decor.  Each of these lamps is unique and when lit they offer a soft and romantic light to help you relax.


Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection5)    Sola Round Mirror- No interior is fully dressed without a mirror and the Sola mirror will make a striking focal point.  Carefully crafted from pieces of reclaimed teak wood, delicately layered to form its intricate frame, the attention to detail is simply stunning.  This mirror is really something and will easily create a gorgeous centrepiece.


For more handmade accessories click here



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Choosing Home Accessories to go with Your White Mango Furniture

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings

The beauty of white mango wood furniture is that it complements almost any home accessory. Home accessories are available in a multitude of designs, shapes, and hues, so you’re bound to find items that will bring your white mango furniture to life. And, at the same time, they will add a splash of colour to your home décor!

In the dining room

In the dining room and kitchen area your white furniture can be completed with stylish, colourful and sophisticated home accessories.  Our latest collection of colourful bamboo accessories are an eco-friendly choice. They have been crafted from recycled bamboo which has then been transformed into stunning and practical serving ware.  Our 3 favourite buys that would complement a white dining table are:

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings1)     Aqua Bamboo Salad Bowl- Summer is almost upon us, so why not serve your salad in an appetising bowl? This contemporary salad bowl comes complete with servers and has been finished in a bright aqua colour with a contrasting natural bamboo interior.


Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings2)     Bamboo Fruit Bowl- Why not introduce a monochrome theme when choosing your serving ware?  Nothing looks more dramatic than black on white furniture.  Our beautifully unique black fruit bowl will look fabulous on any dining table or kitchen worktop. Crafted from eco-friendly and renewable bamboo, this stylish bowl has been hand lacquered for a durable and food safe finish.

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings3)     Bamboo Wave Bowl- This bowl will make a great centrepiece, with its elegant look and cut away sides.  Finished in a deep red lacquer it will certainly create a focal point on your table and add some colour.


If you’re not a lover of bamboo and lacquered tableware then look no further than our mango wood serving ware left in its natural wood finish.  This contemporary range offers a breadboard, salad bowl with servers, and a round serving board.  Each one is embellished with brambles and flower handles in aluminium, which contrasts beautifully against the natural wood tones.  These statement pieces will look striking on any white mango wood table.

In the living room

In the living room, complete your white mango wood furniture with a striking floor lamp in a dark wood finish to add contrast.  Every living room needs ambient lighting and the bold design of this wooden lamp is ideal for modern and traditional rooms.  The beautiful warm wood tones will work well against the white of your furniture and will stop your interior from looking cold and stark.

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji FurnishingsIf you have a white console table in your living room, why not add a decorative mirror above it and then introduce simple, decorative accessories to dress the console such as a mosaic vase, scented diffuser or even a framed photo?  These little details will inject personality into your home without costing much money.


Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji FurnishingsYour white mango bookcase doesn’t just have to display books. Adding decorative home accessories to a bookcase can be very effective as this furniture piece offers the perfect display space for treasured ornaments and trinkets.  Candle holders and lamps make a pretty display as the light bounces off the wooden shelves.

For more Puji home accessorises click here

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Accessorising Your Hallway with Beautiful Mirrors for the Home

Beautiful mirrors for the home belong in every room but the most important one is the hallway.  The entrance to your home will speak volumes about your personality and the rest of your interior to your guests and family.  Just think of a show home and how much time is invested in dressing the hallway to get a property ready for sale.  When decorating your hallway, don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Carefully chosen, the right mirror and display items can give your home a fresh look without breaking the bank.  Lamps, rugs and candles can also add an appealing touch of colour to the hallway without being too drastic.

Here, at Puji, we have put together a quick guide to help you accessorise your hallway:

Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories1)     Choose a statement clock – Clocks are fast becoming artwork in their own right and are a great choice for the wall at the end of your hallway. A decorative clock is a novel way to add personality to a plain entrance wall.



Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories2)     Add interesting lighting – If you have a console table or sideboard in the hallway then placing a lamp on top is a stylish and practical way to accessorise. You could even add two, as having one on each end will help the space appear larger and it will create balance with symmetry.  Just imagine the soft glow that your lamps will emit when you return home after a busy day. Just add a practical timer so the light will always be on in the evening to greet you.

Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories3)     Buy a decorative vase – Nothing is simpler then adding a glass vase or two in the hallway for opulent style.  For a contemporary look, frame your doorway with a matching set of large floor vases. Alternatively, add a decorative vase to your console table; look for one with a distinctive shape, texture or colour to brighten up your space.


Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories4)     Invest in a beautiful mirror – A mirror has two benefits: it adds interest and reflects light.  Mirrors are a tried and tested way of giving smaller rooms the impression of being larger and they are practical too as you can check your appearance before you leave the house.  For short hallways, it is always a good idea to add a mirror at the end to give it length. If it’s narrow hallway space, then a mirror fixed to the side wall will help it appear larger. When you are searching for a beautiful mirror, why not consider a floor standing mirror propped up against a wall for a savvy and versatile choice? If you prefer a wall mirror, then look for one that will create interest; for example a handmade, unique mirror will create a superb focal point.  If you have furniture in the hallway, then consider buying a round mirror to provide a wonderful contrast against the straight lines.


Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories5)     Soften with candles – Don’t overlook candles and the softness they can create.  A collection of twinkling tea lights or candlelight emitted from decorative hurricane holders won’t take up much space in the hall, but they will certainly create a warm and welcoming glow for visitors.


Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories6)     Create a quirky focal point – You can make an elegant, yet functional, corner feature with an unimposing umbrella stand.  Add a fun and bright collection of umbrellas to bring this look together.



Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories7)     Make a feature wall – A feature wall beside the stairs showing framed portraits or other sentimental photos will add the personal touch to your hallway.  Using different sized frames will stop the look becoming too cluttered.  Choosing either the same style of frame or colour of frames will unify this look, and a few larger mounted frames will give the illusion of space.

Click here to browse Puji

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Top Ten Home Decorating Tricks with Mirrors

Handmade Mirrors - Top Home Decorating Tips with a Mirror

No home is complete without a mirror and most designers would go as far as to say every room should have one.  Mirrors are often introduced to the home for practical reasons such as reflecting light and expanding space, but a beautiful, intricate handmade mirror is a stunning feature in its own right.

Handmade mirrors have an attention to detail that simple mirrors are lacking, and they will certainly add warmth and depth to your interior space. Mirrors can do wonders to your home from illuminating dark, dreary corners to adding elegance and sophistication to an area – and a unique mirror will serve as a work of art.

Handmade Mirrors - Top Home Decorating Tips with a MirrorHere, at Puji, we have a superb collection of wall mirrors and have made sure there is a mirror for every taste, whether you are looking for unique, romantic, ultra modern or classic. If you are searching for the mirror, we have put together this simple guide filled with our top ten decorating tricks to help you make the most out of this versatile home accessory.


1)     Conservatory Mirrors – I’m always surprised when I see a conservatory without a mirror as this room is an add-on to your outdoor garden area and a large mirror mounted on the wall will reflect the light. Try and place your conservatory mirror on the wall opposite the garden and your outdoor space will look even larger!

2)     Hallway Mirrors – In the hallway, why not replace your picture wall with a mirror wall?  Mirrors in assorted sizes, styles and shapes will look striking on the stair wall.  It will also help double your space and open up narrow or dark hallways.

1)     Floor Leaning Mirrors – These can serve as a great way to cover up an area or brighten a dull space.  If you have a small hallway then adding a full length mirror behind your console table will give the appearance of a mirrored wall.  This is an effective and contemporary way to give the illusion of space.  In the bedroom, a leaner mirror can be a bold and gorgeous focal point in the room.  Add an extra-large mirror to reflect the light and serve as a last minute check point before you leave the house.

2)     Bedroom Mirrors – In the bedroom, why not introduce a large framed mirror to fill the wall behind your bed and serve as a contemporary headboard?  This striking look is often seen in hotel rooms and show homes because it makes a dramatic feature and will get guests talking.

3)     Bathroom Mirrors – If you are trying to create an elegant bathroom then add a Venetian mirror above the bath or on the wall opposite. Our all-glass stargate mirror has a contemporary frame that is sure to catch the light from all angles in the bathroom, and create a dazzling reflection and play of light.

4)     Handcrafted Mirrors – Add pizzazz above a sideboard or console table to help a much loved furniture item stand out. Our stunning, round Sola mirror would look gorgeous mounted above a rustic piece of furniture.  Handmade, the attention to detail is exquisite and this mirror is filled with natural beauty.

5)     Leaner Mirrors – Add a large, ornate leaner mirror to the wall opposite your dining table.  The grand presence of the mirror will have the effect of a large piece of art.  Simply add a chandelier above the table and your guests will be dining in sophisticated style.

6)     Living Room Mirrors – Try something new in your living room and, rather than one large feature mirror, try hanging multiple matching mirrors on the same wall.  If you have a large wall why not add 3 or even 6 mirrors in a grid like display to really draw the eye? Remember to avoid using small mirrors if your wall space is big.

7)     Dining Room Mirrors – Add a pair of mirrors to flank the fireplace in your dining room.  Having a matching pair of mirrors will emphasize the room’s symmetry.  If you have a circular dining table, then make sure to add round mirrors as it will play off the circular shape of the dining table.

8)     Overmantle Mirrors – If you have a mantel place then a handmade mirror will look chic, especially if the mirror is leant on the mantle, rather than hung above it.  You can then place pretty accessories and decorative ornaments around it or even in front of it so it’ll catch the reflection.

For more handmade mirrors click here

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Make Your Home Unique with a Handmade Decorative Mirror

Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home Accessories

Decorative mirrors are not just designed so you can give yourself a once over before you leave the house, they are mini works of art that look striking when hung on any wall.  Here, at Puji, our designers have worked hard to bring you a collection of decorative mirrors that are handmade and unique in design.  Each one is visually stunning and showcases the beauty of manufacturing using natural materials such as wood, bamboo, shell and water hyacinth.

Purchasing a handmade mirror means that no two are the same and each one is truly individual.  The craftsmanship that goes into the production of each mirror also allows an attention to detail which mass produced items just can’t compete with.  When you buy a Puji mirror you know you’re getting a product that has been made to last for years.  Our hand distressed, hand painted and hand woven mirrors are crafted in Indonesia by artisans who want to preserve the environment and keep local traditions and techniques alive, and many of these techniques have been passed down over generations. Buying a handmade decorative mirror is a beautiful, unique way to bring life and culture into your home interior.

Our latest collection for Spring/Summer 2014 has stunning and dramatic mirrors that will create beautiful features in any room.

Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesIf you are searching for a mirror to bring your bathroom to life and reflect light then look no further than our round nautical jute mirror.  This mirror is framed with natural circles of jute that has been hand twisted with water hyacinth.  The end result is an interesting mirror with beautiful natural tones which hangs from a natural rope. This simple, handmade mirror really is a perfect addition to the bathroom area, bedroom or relaxed hallway.


Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesIf you want to add drama to your living space or dining room we have added 4 new designs to our reclaimed teak mirror collection.  Each one is a dazzling work of art with the added benefit of being very eco friendly and made entirely from recycled materials.  The brand new Sola mirror is a guaranteed show stopper, crafted from pieces of recycled teak wood in an intricate, layered design.  This round mirror will create a gorgeous centrepiece in any room.

Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesNew in from Bali is our beautiful shell mirror which has been crafted by Balinese artisans and each white seashell has been intricately put together to create a striking flower effect.  This mirror would look lovely in a bathroom, girl’s bedroom or even in your guest bedroom. Your guests are sure to want to get up-close and ponder over just how much time it may have taken to make this mirror.

Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesWhite washed, distressed mirrors are a popular choice and Puji have designs that showcase the beauty of carved wood and hand painted finishing.  Our Lana, Diah and Adrianna designs are elegant in proportions and have been delicately carved and hand finished in antique white.  These eye-catching mirrors will look great hung anywhere in the home.


Decorative Mirrors – Handmade Home AccessoriesRattan has also been introduced into this year’s collection.  Rattan is a fast growing and renewable resource that Puji are working hard to build into designs.  It requires no pesticides or fertilizers and in forests where it grows the economic value can help protect forest land.  Our 2 rattan mirrors are big and bold and will help a space feel light and airy. These quirky, trendy and unique mirrors are ideal for the hallway and dining room where you want to reflect light and create a welcoming feel.

For more unique decorative mirrors click here



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Feature Mirrors- Ideas for Every Room in the Home

Feature Mirrors – Home Accessories

As an Interior designer, I strongly believe that each room in the home should showcase a mirror.   Obviously, a mirror has a functional purpose – it reflects space and makes a room appear larger.  However, a feature mirror is more like a work of art than a practical home accessory.  A handmade mirror with intricate detailing stands out and makes a bare wall look incredibly striking.  Show homes always have a beautiful feature mirror in the hallway. Firstly, it’s the first room potential buyers see, so a mirror is perfect for expanding this space; secondly, it gives a home an instant ‘wow’ factor and encourages viewers to look at the rest of the property.

I often have clients tell me they prefer simple mirrors and most don’t want to budget much for this home accessory. However, what they are failing to remember is that a simple, plain mirror won’t add much to the decor of their home, other than reflecting light.  I consider a mirror to be one of those luxurious home accents that can complete a room within an instant.  Few interior design elements sparkle and shine like a mirror.  Whether as a striking visual feature, a means of creating space, or to fill a room with reflected light, a feature mirror is a must-have item.  Remember, all you need is just one fabulous wall to make a room stand out.  Whether you want to make a bold statement, or simply to have a space that needs to impress, adding a mirror can create an original and stylish element to your decor.

In the bedroom, a mirror really is a must-have item, and this is also the case for the neglected guest bedroom!  Before purchasing your mirror, consider your bedroom theme. If you have a country chic bedroom why not get creative and create a wall of mirrors using a collection of different shapes and styles of Venetian mirrors?  This feature is incredibly popular amongst designers as it creates a pretty and soft feature and will add sparkle to even the dullest of rooms. If your bedroom is glamorous and opulent then consider purchasing a large mirror with a frame that will draw the eye.  Nothing makes a room look more luxurious than an impressive mirror!

The introduction of a full-sized floor mirror can make a dramatic statement if you have a small bedroom space.  Adding a simple, full-sized framed mirror placed on the floor and resting against the wall can create an incredible feature in the room.  Leaner mirrors have increased in popularity and interior designers will make sure to introduce at least one to a home interior.  This look works equally well in the living room and at the end of a hallway.

Bathroom mirrors tend to be practical and functional; however, they really don’t need to be boring.  The bathroom can also have a touch of glam and style! Your bathroom mirror is the perfect artistic feature you can add to this space. If you have a large bathroom take inspiration from those gorgeous hotels you see in the movies or have stayed in and introduce two mirrors as a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ feature. This designer look will give your bathroom a contemporary and modern edge.  For those who prefer traditional styling and vintage charm, try hanging a framed mirror from the ceiling as this will add character to your bathroom and double up as a practical vanity.  To get this look right you will need to purchase a mirror with detailing such as gorgeous carved frame or a painted distressed finish.  If you have a very small bathroom, a top tip to consider is hanging a framed mirror over the bathtub.  This can really help make a small bath look larger while also creating a striking feature.

In the living room, mirrors have lost centre stage due to wall mounted TVs but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one.  Hanging a large mirror in the living room can add visual dimension.  For example, if you’re trying to increase the visual length of a room, hang a large mirror on a narrow wall.  To expand the width, mount a large mirror or a group of mirrors on the longer wall. To make a living room appear brighter, hang two matching mirrors across from your windows and they will multiply the natural light.  Once again, consider your design theme. If you have rustic furniture, then adding mirrors with a reclaimed wood frame filled with natural character and history will be a perfect addition.  If you have introduced the popular monochrome trend to your living space then add a black moulded framed mirror to your white walls to bring them to life; this will look super stylish. And, if you’re feeling bold, why not add a collection of smaller sized ones that look like pictures hung on the wall but are actually a collection of framed mirrors?

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or chimney breast wall, remember it is not complete without a dramatic mirror hung to add warmth and style.  If you need to create an illusion of space, then hang matching mirrors on either side of the fireplace to help the room feel larger.

In the dining room, a mirror placed opposite your dining table or above a sideboard will look fantastic when you are entertaining.  The mirror will reflect the wonderful array of food and serving ware that you have displayed.

Puji have a fantastic range of feature mirrors, click here to browse


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How to Create a Beautiful Dining Room with White Mango Furniture

White Mango Furniture – Light Dining Room Furnishings

Do you desire a sophisticated dining room? Want to entertain guests in style? Then why not consider creating a beautiful dining area with white mango furniture? This type of furniture will reflect the light and make your dining room appear more spacious.  A white palette is a versatile choice for any room in the home as it offers a neutral base to build upon and create a stylish and interesting decor.  This blank colour chart means you can add bold accessories and decorative items to bring the room to life. And, whenever you fancy refreshing your dining room, or altering your colour scheme, all that’s involved is changing a few home accessories, such as a table runner and ornaments.

White Mango Furniture – Light Dining Room FurnishingsA high quality solid mango wood table in white can add a true touch of style and sophistication to any dining room.  Solid mango wood furniture is extremely durable which makes it perfect for a room where dinner parties and family gatherings are held. When choosing your table, always consider the purpose of your dining room and select the right style, shape and sized dining table for your home.  Here, at Puji, our Saya white mango table is available in both rectangular and round designs so it is easy to find one that suits your space.  We have worked hard when designing this range to offer customers and interior designers a flexible approach on how they choose to furnish their dining room. A selection of leather chairs and stools are available so you can combine seating options to suit your needs.

White Mango Furniture – Light Dining Room FurnishingsConsole tables, bookcases and mirrors are also available to match and help create a coordinated look.  Hand-crafted in Indonesia this contemporary range of white furniture is hand-painted and then sanded to achieve an antiqued distressed look and then finally lacquered to protect its surface.


White Mango Furniture – Light Dining Room FurnishingsOur white mango furniture doesn’t need much to dress it: it’s beautiful, white washed appearance offers plenty of character and style. However, the simple introduction of pretty plates, bowls and table mats will give this range the final flourish.



White Mango Furniture – Light Dining Room FurnishingsHere, at Puji, we have a vast collection of stunning accessories from bold and vibrant decorative items to coloured bamboo serving ware, textured aluminium bowls and trendy vases. With our dining room accessories range, you will always find the finishing touches needed to bring your dining room to life.


White mango furniture click here for more

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Our Saya Range of Furniture

Solid Mango Furniture – Saya Range

Solid mango furniture doesn’t have to be heavy, dark and boring; instead it can be transformed into contemporary and modern designs.  Here, at Puji, we have worked hard with our design team and launched our new Saya range of white furniture.  These solid mango furniture pieces have a quirky and up-to-date style and a distinctive white washed finish and are suitable for almost any area of the home, including the living room, hallway and dining room.

The Saya white wood mango range has been hand-crafted in Indonesia from solid mango wood and then finished in a beautiful white wash.  Each piece is then hand-sanded to achieve the antiqued distressed look and finally lacquered to protect its surface.  The Saya mango wood range has been built to last and includes a gorgeous selection of stools, desks, consoles, bookcases and mirrors to complete your home interior.

Solid Mango Furniture – Saya RangeIn your dining room, why not introduce white furniture to give this space a refreshing make over?  Our Saya dining table has stylish tapered legs and is available in both rectangular and round designs.  Combine with the leather Saya chairs for a super stylish look, or for those who want a less formal dining experience then mix and match with the Saya stools.


Solid Mango Furniture – Saya RangeThe collage mirror will make a striking statement on any wall, and this contemporary design sees 8 mirrors artistically collaged together.  The end result is an inspiring piece that brings life to any wall and looks great above a mantelpiece or console table.



Solid Mango Furniture – Saya RangeThe large Saya bookcase has 14 different sized compartments and promises to be a real show stopper and create a lot of ‘wow’ factor.  This bookcase is the perfect place to store your favourite trinkets, photos, ornaments, books and DVDs.  This versatile piece can be used in your entrance way, living room or even in your dining area.


Solid Mango Furniture – Saya RangeFor the living room, the carefully designed TV Unit is practical without losing its ultra stylish looks.  Modern tapered legs that have been inset give this piece a retro feel and the boxed storage compartment is perfect for storing DVD and set top boxes.



Solid Mango Furniture – Saya RangeFor the home office, the Saya desk has a modern grooved handle design on the drawers, and the legs have been inset at an angle allowing the top to have a funky overhang.  The end result is a piece you’ll enjoy working from and your office will feel instantly transformed!


For Puji Click Here


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Redecorating on a Budget? Here Are Ten Inexpensive Ways to Inject Colour Into Your Home this Easter

Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home

Is your home in need of an injection of colour? Then why not consider updating your interior by introducing coloured cushions?  Soft furnishings have always been a simple, yet effective way of brightening up your home.  Unlike other home accessories, cushions are an affordable way to perk up a dull space and will add fresh appeal to any room.

Coloured cushions are very much ‘in trend’ this season and you can find a large selection of cushions and throws at Puji.  Available in many different variations of size, shape, pattern, texture and colour, we have carefully chosen our sumptuous and gorgeous collection so that there is something to suit every style of home.

Below are our top 10 coloured cushions and throws for spring 2014:

Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home1)      Mongolian Fluffy Cushion- Available in both blue and green, this lovely cushion will infuse your bedroom or living room with colour and charm.  It’s incredibly soft so you won’t be able to resist touching and stroking this fluffy cushion.



Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home2)      Chartreuse Green Knitted Throw- Ideal for adding a pop of colour into your room, this simple, yet elegant throw will easily suit both modern and traditional interiors.  The cable knit zigzag design and fringe detail make this anything but boring!


Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home3)      Vibrant Stripe Cushion- It’s all in the name with this cushion! The bold colours and striped design make this a vibrant and beautiful feature.  Add this to any sofa, chair or bed and you’ll have that desired injection of colour.



Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home4)      Summer Lime Cushion- For some zesty appeal, this versatile and bright scatter cushion will spruce up any interior.  If you want to go bold, why not try layering this home accessory with our summer orange cushions?



Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home5)      Felt Flowers Cushion- This magnificent cushion is more like a work of art.  Its stunning, elaborate floral motif is made from beautiful appliqué felt.  This striking cushion will look amazing on any armchair or sofa and is sure to get lots of compliments.


Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home6)      Mia Pink Cushion- Pink is one of this season’s hottest colours and can be introduced to any room in your home.  The printed Mia cushion is elegant and stylish in design and is a perfect choice for those wanting to introduce softer colour tones.


Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home7)      Petal Cushion- Available in green and the ever popular duck egg blue, this petal cushion will not only add colour, but a touch of luxury to your home.  Featuring a gorgeous 3D faux silk surface, these cushions will make a beautiful focal point in any room.


Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home8)      Melissa Duck Egg Bedspread-Drape your bed in style and hide old bedding with this faux silk bedspread.   Attractive and sophisticated, it has a lovely stitch pattern and looks gorgeous when teamed with cushions in similar tones.


Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home9)      Bobbles Throw Azure- Even summer evenings can get chilly, so why not have a vibrant throw handy to snuggle up in?  The Azure throw not only looks great but feels very inviting.



Coloured Cushions – Soft Furnishings - Inject Colour into Your home10)   Retro Multi Coloured Cushion- Retro accessories are very trendy right now and our retro cushion is a great choice for adding colour and style to your home.



For more coloured cushions click here


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Ten Ways to Make the Most of the Easter Bank Holiday

The long Easter break is a great time to take advantage of sales and discounts and revamp your interior and home furnishings.  Now is the time to dust off that to-do list and head down to your nearest DIY store for supplies so you can get started with updating and making over your home.

Here, at Puji, we have put together a list of ten easy ways to make the most of your Easter break, so you have all the inspiration you need to get started.  Refreshing your interior does not need to be expensive and simple updates and changes to your home furnishings really can make a big impact.

1)      Finish off all those jobs that have been left half done. This will make you instantly feel better and you can then move on to new tasks.  We all have shelves and bits that need putting up around the house so this is a good first port of call before you try a new challenge.

2)      Refresh your walls.  You can do this is many ways, if you have the time, then why not redecorate and give your interior a fresh lick of paint? Alternatively, why not consider introducing new home accessories such as a mirror or wall art to give a lifeless wall an injection of colour and to create a focal point.

3)      Replace tired and worn cushions and soft furnishings.  This simple update will transform your sofa and occasional chairs and have your room feeling fresh and brand new.  In the bedroom, one idea is to invest in new crisp bed linen and layer throws and cushions for texture and appeal.

4)      Love your kitchen this bank holiday. Consider buying some new kitchen storage jars or even a feature wall clock to help you keep track of time when cooking.  These everyday items are often overlooked but can completely transform a kitchen wall, worktop or kitchen counter.

5)      Serve your Easter dinner in style. Invest in some new bowls, trays, glasses and placemats.  This simple change will impress your guests and none of these items will go to waste as they can be used all year round.

6)      Make your home smell fresh this Easter. Adding scented candles and diffusers to each room is a low cost way of giving your interior a revamp.  Nothing feels better than being greeted by fresh scents when you enter your home.

7)      Clear away clutter and add extra storage. Fashionable and trendy storage items such as wicker baskets, trunks and boxes all help to keep your mess at bay. Spring is all about having a good clean and reorganising your home.

8)      Frame those precious memories.  This Easter why not print those special photos off from your digital camera or computer and add them to your home interior?  Having fun filled days and special memories around the home is important and will give your interior that relaxed, lived in feel.

9)      Invest in a laundry basket. Laundry baskets can be placed in your bathroom, bedroom or hallway and are an attractive way of getting your laundry organised and out of sight!

10)  Don’t overlook lighting now we have more sunshine. Instead look for floor lamps or table lamps that you can switch on in the evenings to create ambience and warm pockets of light.

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