Platform Beds – Create a Peaceful Retreat with a Minimalist Style Bedroom

Platform Beds – Create a Peaceful Retreat with a Minimalist Style Bedroom

Platform beds evoke a feeling of calmness and harmony and their sleek, clean design is ideal for those who want to create a serene, minimalist style bedroom. Puji sell stunning solid wood platform beds made from reclaimed teak, which is beautiful to look at and sturdy and hard-wearing. Here we shall look at the benefits of platform beds and why they work well in a simple bedroom design.

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What are Platform Beds and Why do They Work Well in a Minimalist Bedroom Design?

Platform beds consist of a platform made from metal or more usually solid wood, on which a mattress rests. They have no box spring or mattress foundations and in many cases they have no head and foot board.

They work well in a minimalist bedroom because of their simple, contemporary style. They are set low to the ground which makes a room appear larger and platform beds are a lot less bulky than traditional beds, so they create the illusion of space especially when teamed with other low level furniture. This makes them ideal for bedrooms where space is at a premium and for those who want to create a look which is stylish, fuss-free and tranquil.

Platform beds can also be raised on legs so that drawers can be fitted to the base to provide much needed storage. Bedrooms with hidden drawers or cupboard space means clutter can be placed out of sight, which also works well in a minimalist room.

Why is a Minimalist Design so Popular?

Simple, minimalist designs aid a good night’s rest. In a minimalist bedroom, the focus is almost entirely on the bed. This is because minimalism is all about removing unnecessary items and stripping the bedroom down to its bare essentials to create a room that is peaceful as well as beautiful. An ordered room free of clutter helps clear your mind before bed so you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Minimalist designs also create a contemporary feel to your home. It is aesthetically pleasing because it mixes simple items of furniture with more artistic contemporary designs which creates impact. A minimalist room where the focus is on attractive furniture pieces and soft furnishings feels comfortable and calming to live in and will really stand out if you want to sell your property.

How to Create a Minimalist Style Bedroom

Clear Clutter

Look through your bedroom and throw away any items that you don’t need, or better still give them away or sell them. A minimalist style bedroom is all about space, order and keeping only what is necessary.

Simple Patterns

If you want patterns to break up continuous blocks of colour, limit these to keep the style sleek. Stick to a few colours and just have one patterned item in the bedroom, such as a throw or rug, so the look is not too busy.

Limit Colour

The minimalist look is all about simplicity. Keep the colour scheme down to five or less so only your best items of furniture or your most prized possessions stand out. Keep the walls neutral using bright white, beige or greys. You may want to choose white, black or wooden furniture and inject colour with a bright red chair and hang a picture with red as an accent colour which will bring this chair in as part of the room and complete the overall look. Alternatively you could brighten a neutral background with the use of soft furnishings such as a blue or green rug, throw and sumptuous cushions.

Careful Choice of Bedding

Keeping the look simple does not mean compromising on comfort. Choose bedding in luxurious fabrics such as silks and satins, and sheets with a high thread count such as Puji’s Fair Trade Organic Sheets with a 250 thread count, which are cosy and inviting and have a low impact on the environment. Puji’s organic range is farmed in India using natural fertilisers and SKAL approved processing methods, so they are an ideal choice for people who suffer from skin allergies.

Other Furniture

Avoid overcrowding the room with too much furniture. Instead choose minimal low level furniture in the same wood and finish, such as Puji’s Mino 4 Drawer Chest in a contemporary design and add two matching Mino Bedsides.


Choose a few beautiful accessories, rather than a lot of knick knacks which will make the room look too cluttered and busy. Group candles together to create atmosphere and select attractive but simple mood lighting. Puji’s Ivory Floor Lamp is a simple but beautiful statement piece and works well in this style of bedroom.  A hand-made vase made from natural materials will look stunning in a minimalist room such as Puji’s Bongo Vase which is made of bamboo laid in resin. A mirror will help draw the light in and make the room appear larger, such as Puji’s Bamboo Resin Mirror.

Puji Platform Beds

The Mino Lumber Cubic bed has a striking design and gives a bedroom an air of tranquillity. It is made of one hundred per cent reclaimed teak and has a very distinctive appearance which works well in a contemporary home. It perfectly matches any of the furniture in the minimalist Mino range, such as the Mino bedside, wide boy, four drawer chest, wardrobe, dressing table and bookshelf. These have a contemporary design and grooved handles which contrast with the beauty and character of the reclaimed teak.


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