Practical Space Saving Ideas for Even the Tiniest of Apartments

If your home is located in central London, it is an exciting location; the city is always lit up at night and you have easy access to all the fantastic shops and restaurants.  Homes located in some of the best areas are often limited on space.  However, even with the smallest apartments you want to create a chic and stylish look, but still have enough storage furniture to ensure your flat stays clutter free. Oriental shoe racks are a great example of this and are a perfect choice to keep your shoes organised and hidden.

When furnishing and styling your apartment, you would want it to look elegantly tasteful but you also would also want it to be practical. It is therefore important that you choose good quality furnishings and accessories as you would want them to last.  It is also vital that you buy what you need and no more, as small apartments can become cluttered very quickly.

If you have a small apartment and are searching for various storage solutions, Puji have a lovely selection that would be perfect.

file_4_29Oriental shoe racks – Sometimes you need a shoe rack that can fit into the narrowest of hallways. It’s ideal for shoe lovers, and you can also rest a handbag or a brief case on the top whilst putting on your shoes!

Oriental Shoe Racks – Practical Furniture Solutions Chests – Puji have a lovely selection of chests that you could use in the bedroom to store towels and bedding, or you could even use it as a useful coffee table as it has a fantastic amount of storage space for books and throws.


Oriental Shoe Racks – Practical Furniture Solutions Pots and Vases- There’s always a call for little pots and vases as they are ideal for storing smaller items. For example, the ‘teak round pot’ looks great and is perfect to store umbrellas in and other bits and bobs.

Tall Cabinets – If you have an area which is limited on space, then a tall cabinet is the solution to your problems.  The width of tall units are a lot smaller than a chest of drawers but because of the height, the space available is perfect to store your t-shirts and underwear in.

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