Puji’s design ideas on how to create a stylish and functional playroom or family room


Solid teak furniture is a great option for a children’s room or family room because it’s durable and stylish.  Both the playroom and family room are subject to a lot of wear and tear, from the youngest of children playing with their toys to the adventurous teenagers who want to invite their friends round for a gossip, or try out the latest computer gadget. 

It’s really important when you are furnishing the playroom or family room that you don’t over crowd the room. To help we have put some ideas together to create the perfect space for kids.

Creating a Stylish Playroom

It is important to have easy access solid teak storage furniture in the playroom; for example, chests that are not too high up, so the children can get to their toys. You could also have a bookcase and maybe a small desk and chair so the children can do their homework and organise their school books.

Once you have furnished your playroom accessorise it, keeping it child friendly and versatile.  A large rug is perfect for when the children want to play board games on the floor.  Brighten up the room with inspiring pictures, posters, and maybe even a pin board or a blackboard, which is ideal for both younger and older children.

Creating a Stylish Family Room

To create a family room it’s worthwhile going for a bookcase with cupboards, chests to store family board games and toys, a TV unit to organise DVD’s, CDs and most importantly the game console!

The family room should feel cosy and relaxed so choose a sofa that you can sink into and chill out and you can even have a lovely selection of large cushions for you to throw on the floor for extra seating.

Lighting sets the mood and when the family sits down to watch a movie you don’t want this room be bright and over-powering. Lamps and floor standing lights will create the perfect relaxed atmosphere you need.

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