Quirky Mirrors- Puji’s New Mirror Collection

Are you looking for a quirky mirror? With our trendy and funky range of wall mirrors, you need search no further.

Here, at Puji, we have a wonderful selection of intriguing and unusual mirrors. Our 2014 collection holds some beautiful and distinctive items that are sure to make an impression and your guests will ask where you found such an amazing piece.  Below we have listed our favourite quirky mirrors to help wet your creative taste buds:

Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection1)     Tree Branch Square Mirror- This mirror takes top place as we believe nothing feels better than buying a limited edition piece for your home and knowing that your mirror has been handmade.  The tree branch mirror has been skilfully crafted from small, circular cuts of wood which have then been laid into a square rustic teak frame.  The final result is a mirror that looks very unique and will have your guests wanting to get up close and look at just how it’s been made.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection2)     Driftwood Heart Mirror- This cute and intricate heart mirror has been a huge success – simply because you can’t help but love it!  Handmade in Indonesia from driftwood, no two mirrors are the same.  This mirror is perfect for bathrooms and girlie bedrooms.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection3)     Contemporary Art Deco Mirror- Grand in design, and measuring 120cm in diameter, this impressive mirror is a real ‘show stopper’.  If you love glamour and drama then this fabulous mirror is a must-have for your contemporary space and will creature a feature out of any wall.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection4)     Sola Round Mirror- This environmentally friendly mirror has been crafted in Indonesia from pieces of reclaimed teak wood.  The tiered and intricate design makes this mirror something really exceptional.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection5)     Gold Ora Mirror- A charming window mirror with an elegant circular frame and beautiful geometric tracery.  The ora mirror is graceful and appealing in design and has been finished by hand in brushed gold.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection6)     Nautical Round Jute Mirror- Sure to add a refreshing, nautical feel to any space, this eco friendly mirror has been made from jute twisted with water hyacinth to create an interesting textured frame.  The natural tones contrast wonderfully together and this mirror is perfect for relaxed hallways, bathrooms and even the bedroom.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection7)     Filigree Round Metal Mirror- If you want to add interest to your interior then the filigree round wall mirror is ideal.  Its intricate metal mesh frame allows the wall behind to be seen and creates an interesting effect.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection8)     Rattan Zig-Zag Mirror- Sure to create an impact, this eye-catching mirror has been handmade and the zigzag weave will add depth and originality to any room.  The attention to detail is gorgeous and what’s even better is that this mirror is eco-friendly. Rattan is a fast growing and renewable resource that is readily available.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection9)     Saya White Mango Mirror- This quirky design has 8 mirrors which have been artistically collaged together.  This white-washed mango wood mirror will certainly look remarkable above a mantel or wooden console table.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection10)  Handcrafted Rose Shell Mirror- Crafted by artisans in Bali, this mirror is a real work of art.  Each white seashell has been carefully put together to create a striking rose flower effect.  Elegant in design it will be a lovely addition to your interior.


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