Rattan Woven Chairs – Beautiful Furnishings for your Conservatory or Sun Lounges

If you have recently moved home or had a conservatory installed, you will want to think about how to furnish it.  You would want the interior style to be refreshing and the perfect room for you to relax in.  Rattan woven chairs are a great addition to a conservatory or sun lounge as they would add texture and a unique style to your home.

Conservatories can be used in many ways: a family room, dining area, breakfast lounge.  You can create a lovely atmosphere which will be ideal to entertain friends, or for you to have a few silent moments away from the busy day to day duties.  If you have always taken pride in your garden, your lawn must be immaculate and flower beds are sure to be flourishing. A conservatory is the perfect way for you to admire your garden in comfort, and you can even curl up on a chair with a good book and enjoy quality time with yourself.

If you are looking for good quality furniture for the conservatory or sun lounge then you will definitely find what you have been searching for at Puji. We have a beautiful variety of styles of rattan woven chairs; from egg chairs to rattan love seats, each individual product is unique and would add character to the room.

To help advise you to choose the best furniture for your home we have outlined different items of furniture that may be ideal to complete your home.

Rattan Woven Chairs

When furnishing a conservatory or sun lounge you would want it to still look trendy as it is an extension of your home.  The benefits of rattan woven chairs and furniture are that they are neutral, and will therefore key in well with other items of furniture. They are also extremely light weight, hard wearing, and flexible, making the products comfortable to sit in.  The natural materials and fibres that are used allow each item to be unique and individual; this is a great way to inject your personality into your home.

The ‘White Wash Tub Chair’ has been hand crafted from rattan and finished in a lovely fresh, white wash. This occasional chair would look gorgeous alone with a side table, or in a set of two; perfect for you and your partner to relax and sink into and have a romantic catch up.  This tub chair comes complete with a seat pad and cushion for that extra little comfort.

Rattan Woven Chairs- Conservatory Furniture


The ‘Dia Rattan woven Lounger’ would look great in a conservatory and adds a unique touch. The handmade lounger features an open weave fabrication which makes each one slightly different, and you could also purchase a lovely decorative cushion to go with the rest of your interior and to complete the look.


Rattan Woven Chairs- Conservatory Furniture


The ‘Rattan Egg Chair’ is the perfect choice for you to snuggle up with a hot cappuccino and relax once you have put the children to sleep.  This piece will definitely bring the wow factor in to your conservatory and make you want to spend more time there to unwind and chill.


Rattan Woven Chairs- Conservatory Furniture


Add a touch of Far East to your conservatory with the elegant ‘Colonial Lazy Chair’ – the chair has been hand crafted from solid reclaimed teak with a rattan woven chair seat, perfect if you have existing teak furniture.

 Bamboo Seating

Rattan Woven Chairs- Conservatory FurnitureThe perfect combination of occasional seating is the ‘Love Seat’ and the ‘Donut Chair’; they both have been made from natural bamboo and come complete with comfortable seat cushions.  The dark colour of the frame would contrast well with either light or dark furniture and would make your conservatory feel warm and inviting.

Banana Chairs

Rattan Woven Chairs- Conservatory FurnitureConservatories are great if you required that little extra space for dining and entertaining. You are able to create a lovely environment in a conservatory, the natural lighting will refresh your mind and by furnishing it with natural banana woven chairs you will create an exotic atmosphere.  The Banana Woven chairs have been finished to the highest standards and are handmade in Indonesia so each individual chair has its own precious history behind it.  The tonal banana leaves are cut, stretched twisted then boiled and left to dry, then wrapped around a solid wood frame making these dining chairs durable and long lasting, perfect for a busy household.  The natural fibres are slightly flexible allowing some movement when you sit, making it more comfortable for the children or for long social gatherings.  The Banana Chairs are available with natural or stained legs so would work perfectly with light or dark teak furniture.  These dining chairs are sprayed with a semi satin lacquer therefore made easier for you to wipe clean if food or drink is accidently spilt.

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