Reclaimed Teak: The benefits of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed Teak Wood | Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed Teak Wood | Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak wood is a great environmentally friendly choice from which to make furniture. Reclaimed timber prevents the continued destruction of existing old-growth forests protecting trees, watersheds and habitats for wildlife.

Reclaimed teak is a high quality timber and is often used when making garden and indoor furniture and in boat building, because it has its own natural oil that makes the wood very resistant. In fact the majority of furniture on our site is made from reclaimed teak, including our dining tables, coffee tables, beds and chairs.

Manufacturers use reclaimed teak harvested from original use timber for example from bridges, wharfs, jetties and structural beams in housing. The timber is then carefully selected and restored resulting in a rich mature aged patina, which is extremely durable and less likely to shrink or crack.

Reclaimed teak wood is particularly beautiful. Its rich grain patterns, intriguing character marks and deep colours make this the only wood choice for many designers, architects, manufactures and builders.

Reclaimed Teak Wood | Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Because reclaimed teak wood is from old-growth trees, it tends to have fewer pitch pockets, sapwood and other natural defects. The wood looks great when left natural, stained, oiled or varnished. Most reclaimed teak has been air-drying for decades, which is another great benefit and this means the wood is less likely to bend, warp or twist.

Old growth wood is characterized by a higher ring count per inch than new second-growth wood, making it stronger and more durable. This makes it particularly suitable for furniture manufacturers. Reclaimed teak furniture is an ideal choice in houses with pets and small children as the furniture can easily withstand every day wear and tear, without detracting from its natural beauty.

Getting this old rustic wood cleaned and ready to market is a labour intensive job, which is why reclaimed timber is often more expensive than the price of new wood. However nothing is more timeless than a hand crafted piece of reclaimed teak furniture. Each piece is entirely unique giving it that extra special something.

Purchasing authentic reclaimed teak furniture is not only an environmentally friendly option, but one can also end up owning a piece of the past. Reclaimed teak will last a lifetime and often remains in families for generations.

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