Rectangular Dining Tables

Why are they so popular?

Rectangular dining tables are such a popular choice mainly because so many dining rooms are this shape. It is ideal for those who do a lot of entertaining at home because a rectangular table can seat a larger number of guests. Rectangular dining tables look spectacular with dramatic lighting above such as an elegant chandelier which acts as a beautiful centre-piece in the room. A rectangular dining table is the most traditional shape of dining table and has been in use since ancient times. Early Greeks and Romans sat at rectangular dining tables. However, this changed when the circular table was introduced. By 4th century BC the table used by the ancient Greeks was usually round. In Britain in the Middle Ages, the mobility and upper classes dined at long tables in the Great Hall of either a castle or manor house. A rectangular dining table is a perfect table of choice for many formal occasions because it very clearly identifies the “head of table”. Think of special occasion family diners, corporate events or diner parties where the host takes the seating position at the end of the table. For important guests, the place of honour is to the right of the host because most people are right-handed.

Choosing right dining room table: What are the options?

As the table is the focal point of the dining room, it is important to choose one that is of good quality and will stand the test of time. Whatever shape you opt for, it is vital that you select a table that fits proportionately to the size of the room. Make sure there is enough space between the table and the walls so guests can move around comfortably. Some rectangular tables have handy removable sections or leaves which can be extended to accommodate more guests. This is a perfect option when space is limited as it allows for more room when the table is not in use. If you have a particularly narrow table you can serve food from trays or serving dishes placed on a nearby side table, so your dining table top does not look too cluttered. Puji’s superb dining room furniture range includes extendable dining tables. Modern and minimalist in design with a fine wood grain, extending tables are versatile and look great in any home. Our extendable dining tables are made from one hundred per cent reclaimed teak from Indonesia. The beauty of Indonesian teak is that it is considered of the highest quality in the world. Dining tables can be made out of a variety of materials including glass, marble, metal, plastic and wood. There is no limit to your imagination. However, solid wood has always been popular as it is robust, practical and stylish and can suit any style of home. Puji sell a stunning range of rectangular solid wood dining tables made from mahogany, teak, oak, mango, ash and alder wood in traditional, contemporary, rustic and oriental designs. We have a wide selection of dining room furniture made from solid reclaimed teak. Teak wood is a highly resistant hard wood which makes it a perfect material for the dining room. It’s rich grain patterns, deep colour and interesting character marks means each furniture piece retains its unique charm. A reclaimed teak dining table shows the real luxury solid teak can bring into your home. Puji’s collection also includes elegant oriental dining room furniture with a stylish black antiquated finish. Made from solid Alder wood, each piece is gracefully proportioned with stressed edging and has been lacquered seven times. Perfect if you want to bring the touch of the Far East to your dining room! This range has a cube side table, console and coffee table to match. Our selection of dining room furniture includes dining sets, dining tables, chairs, sideboards and display units.

All our furniture can be made to measure using our bespoke furniture design service

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