Revamp Your Home Office This Autumn With New Home Office Furniture

Whether want a contemporary look, an oriental look, or a more traditional home office, solid wood desks are elegant and timeless. Contemporary office furniture comes in a range of different materials such as stainless steel, glass or plastic – desks have even made out of aircraft wings! However, solid wood desks have always been a popular choice, especially teak desks, which are sturdy and robust and suit all home styles.

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Autumn is a great time to think about redecorating your home as you start to spend more time indoors in the evenings and at weekends. As the weather gets colder and the night’s draw in, now is a great time to revamp key rooms. Solid wood desks look great in the home office and teak desks are a good choice because they are so beautiful and hard-wearing. Solid wood is often preferred over other materials because it is warm, dependable and inviting which can help generate creativity and produce a better work output.

Puji sell a range of solid wood desks, as well as additional furniture for storage to help keep your home office organised. Our range of home office furniture includes book cases, lockers, shelving and filing cabinets. We also sell a variety of accessories to help create a comfortable workspace you will enjoy spending time. Our selection of accessories includes lighting to help prevent eye-strain, mirrors to open up the space and rugs to create a cosy environment.

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Choosing a Look For Your Home Office

Before you choose your solid wood furniture, it is worth thinking about the look you want to create. Here is a handy guide to creating a four different looks for the office: contemporary, oriental, light and airy and dark and sumptuous.

Contemporary Home Office

If you want a clutter-free office with sleek and practical furniture, a contemporary look may be just what you are after. Contemporary furniture is all about clean, straight lines and strong, geometric shapes. It features furniture which is simple and minimalist in design, with no traditional overhangs. Solid wood furniture, such as teak desks, offer buyers a good, practical investment as this exotic hardwood is attractive and highly robust, meaning it will stand the test of time.

The key to this look is keeping it simple. Tidy away any paperwork  and office equipment into matching contemporary storage furniture such as teak filing cabinets, lockers or shelving. Puji have some stunning book cases that can really work well with this look, such as the Cubic Contemporary Display Unit. For more practical combination, the Henry display unit features shelving for books and files and six neat storage drawers to hide away paperwork and equipment. It is also important to invest in comfortable seating, such as a solid teak chair with leather padding.

A feature mirror, such as the bamboo circular mirror can really inject the wow factor into your home office, as making the most of natural materials are all part of the contemporary look. Add a bamboo table lamp or floor lamp for an extra finishing touch. For a more comfortable look, add a rug in an uplifting bright colour such as red or green.

Oriental Home Office

The oriental look is beautiful and elegant and encompasses furniture from China, Japan, Indonesia, India and the Philippines. Oriental furniture is simple, yet bold in design and handcrafted from high quality materials such as teak. Puji such a superb range of solid wood desks made from exotic Indonesian hardwoods such as teak and teak/mahogany. Our range of teak desks include the Henry Desk and Mino Console. The Jaya and Olympia Desk have been crafted from a stunning combination of teak and mahogany and feature beautiful textured fronts.
An oriental home office is calm, tranquil and also clutter-free. Store papers and disks away in storage lockers or cupboards to keep the look tidy and serene. Add a stunning mirror with a frame made from natural materials, such as teak, limestone, bamboo or coco stick. Colours should be earthy and neutral such as browns, beige, cream, bright white or greens. A beautiful oriental vase, attractive lighting and a sculpture such as a Buddha, can complete the look.

Light and Airy

Decorating your home with light wood furniture will help create a light and airy look to your study. Use high quality teak furniture such as the Mino Console, which has a stunning sleek and simple design. Mirrors in light colours and superb contemporary designs, such as the Stargate Venetian Mirror, will draw the light into this workspace and create an uplifting feel.

Add storage in light teak such as the Mino Slim bookcase, which is also ideal for small spaces. Use a light coloured rug or carpet to help make the room appear larger, while also creating a comfortable look to this study area. Lighting is important in a light and airy office. The right choice of lighting will create a warm and welcoming ambience and add a stylish look to this space. The acrylic beaded table lamp looks stunning in this style of room combined with uplighters.

Dark and Sumptuous

A dark and sumptuous office is warm and sophisticated. It gives an inviting, yet studious appearance to your office space creating a  room you will love spending time in. Puji’s striking range of teak and mahogany furniture will inspire you throughout the day. Choose pieces such as as the handmade Olympia Desk which has stunning textured fronts or the Jaya Desk, which has a two –tone appearance and two handy drawers for storage. Team the Jaya Desk with the Jaya chair and match it with the Jaya Console to file away office equipment and paperwork.
Add a large dark mirror, such as the Jaya Mirror to open up this space and a richly painted feature wall. Complete the look with feature lighting such as a desk and floor lamp, for when the winter nights draw in.

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