Scatter Cushions, Floor Cushions & Window Cushions

Inexpensive ways to add luxury colour and comfort to your home

If you are looking for the perfect contemporary home accessories, cushions can easily transform a home and can be one of the more inexpensive ways to introduce a new look into a room. Scatter cushions are one of the easiest types of soft furnishings to find and the options available are extensive. They are now available in hot setting trendy colours, floral, patterns and textures.

Cushions will help soften a room and the harsh lines created by the furniture and can instantly brighten a room’s appeal and draw the eye towards them. In addition to making a room look good, they also offer a practical purpose, which is to add comfort to a sofa, chair, bed and even the floor.

Scatter Cushions | Floor Cushions | Contemporary Home Accessories | Decorative Soft FurnishingsCushions are almost always used within interior design projects as not only do they bring a room to life but using them can bring a sense of balance and cohesion to a room. It is important when selecting your cushions that you opt for styles, colours and patterns that blend together. Cushions should complement and enhance your style. They can bring together the other colours and items in the room or alternatively if you have a neutral décor they can be the perfect way to introduce a splash of eye catching colour.

There is no set rule with regards to how many cushions you can have. Not only will they add chic style to your home but will also add a touch of friendliness. Almost all of us have reached for a cushion when we are snuggling on the couch, watching TV or relaxing with a book.

In the living room new cushions can give your sofa an instant make over and new lease of life and the key thing to remember is that they don’t all need to match.  You will need some plain cushions for the key ones to stand out from.

Scatter Cushions | Floor Cushions | Contemporary Home Accessories | Decorative Soft FurnishingsIt’s important when shopping for your contemporary home accessories to remember that cushions do not have to be limited to the sofa and living room. In the bedroom, cushions are the ultimate décor accessory. They will offer a snug look and introducing gorgeous cushions to the bedroom will give it a luxurious feel and create a relaxing atmosphere. The current trend in the bedroom is to experiment with colour and add plenty of texture to the room by incorporating luxurious fabrics and materials. These will spell out comfort and indulgence and perfect examples are rich velvets, faux suede, embellished and embroidered cushions. Take it a step further and purchase a matching throw to really complete the look. Not only will this offer supreme comfort but will add a touch of class and sophistication to any bedroom area.


Floor and window cushions are also a great way to provide extra seating and add a more relaxed feel to a room. There is a vast choice of fabrics and patterns to choose from and you’ll want your window seat to blend with the rest of your room, yet serve as a focal point. You can accomplish this by choosing a pattern with the same colours you have used in the room or by choosing a solid colour that compliments the overall décor of your room.

Scatter Cushions | Floor Cushions | Contemporary Home Accessories | Decorative Soft Furnishings

Floor cushions are functional pieces that can offer extra seating and usually be stacked away in a corner when not in use. They are also fun; you can use them to create different spaces within a room. When choosing your floor cushions make sure they are durable and washable. It is also important to make sure that the filler is comfortable but still firm enough to hold its shape.

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