Selecting Dining Room Chairs for Your Dining Room

Your choice of dining chair is just as important as your choice of table and can shape the overall look of this space. Puji sell a wonderful range of dining room chairs, all with high quality finishes, for beautiful furniture that will last a life-time. Our selection includes teak wood dining chairs, leather dining chairs and woven dining chairs in modern, contemporary and traditional designs. We have solid wood chairs in light and dark wood styles and some feature eye-catching detailing such as slat backs, straight backs, curved backs and hand-carved floral motifs.

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Choosing a dining room chair mainly comes down to personal taste. However, with so many different styles and designs, picking the right one can be overwhelming. Below is a guide to help you select dining chairs for your dining room.

Choose Chairs to Match Your Table

Your chosen style of chair will affect the overall look of your dining room. Make sure the shape, colour and design of your chair complements the other furniture in this space, such as the table, buffets, side boards and display cabinets.

Always match the wood of the table with the wood of the chairs. For example, select natural teak chairs to match a natural teak table and dark wood chairs to match a dark wood dining table. All Puji chairs and tables can be stained to the colour of your choice, for the perfect look to your dining room.

To create balance, mirror the style of the table with the chairs. For example, a chunky table will work best with chunky dining room chairs. Tables with no overhangs should be matched by equally elegant and contemporary style dining room chairs.

Solid wood dining room furniture has wide appeal because it is so hard wearing and easy to maintain. If you want a more relaxed and eclectic look to your eating area, mix solid teak chairs with woven chairs, or leather chairs with wooden ones, but ensure your chairs always match your dining room table.

Think About Your Dining Room

Dining chairs should be stylish, practical as well as functional. Think about how your dining room furniture will be used. Is your dining space for occasional dinner parties or regular family meals? Will it be multi-functional and double up for homework, craftwork, paperwork or home office use? Also bear in mind the overall look you want to achieve. Do you want a modern or contemporary look or a more traditional dining room? Are you going for a formal look, or a more relaxed setting? Many people now choose to have their dining table in a large open plan kitchen space where the family spends a lot of its time. Choose high quality chairs that will stand the test of time.

Your chairs should be comfortable as well as stylish, especially if you regularly hold dinner parties or family meals and guests are likely to remain seated for a while. Leather chairs are luxurious and relaxing and suit contemporary and traditional interiors. Woven chairs are not only comfortable but popular too and add a wonderful rustic feel to kitchen diners, conservatories and breakfast rooms. Solid wood chairs are ideal for formal settings and suit any style of interior. They are also perfect for dining areas in regular use as they are so durable and easy to maintain.

How many chairs?

How many chairs you need really depends on the size of the table. Think about how your table will be used, whether it will be for regular entertaining, or just for family meals. Ideally each dinner guest should have between 55 cm and 60 cm per place setting or 75 cm for a round table. If you have an extendable table, you will need extra chairs. You may want to stack chairs that are not in use, or move them to another room such as a bedroom or hallway when they are not needed in the dining area.

Creating a contemporary dining room

To create a contemporary look for your dining room think about sleek, clean lines and minimal decor. If you want a more relaxed contemporary look to your dining area, mix and match dining chairs such as solid wood chairs with leather or woven chairs. Woven chairs are becoming more popular and provide a contemporary look with an exotic touch. For a more dramatic look consider an oriental style dining room with a black lacquered table and contrasting white leather chairs. A beautiful contemporary chandelier that hangs above the table will complete the look and add a real statement.

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