Setting the Scene for the Perfect Barbecue

The summer BBQ and garden party is one of the best ways to gather friends and catch up.  There is no closing time and the food and drinks never have to stop flowing.  You can also be adventurous and set a theme; this will make each BBQ unique and feel different from the last.  Vintage tea parties for girlie afternoons or a baby shower, stylish and contemporary table settings for grown-ups, and sophisticated garden dinners or even Moroccan holiday inspired gatherings; anything can be achieved by simply dressing your outdoor space.

The perfect BBQ garden party is not just about the food you’re serving but it’s also a reflection on your outdoor space.  Why not set the scene with a few brief tips?

Solid Wood Teak Furniture – Patio Tables and Chairs – Wooden BenchesPatio Furniture –Gone are the days of green plastic tables and chairs.  Stylish patio sets, such as solid wood teak furniture, will make your guests feel comfortable and can be easily dressed up or down depending on your party theme.  Add a sun canopy or umbrella for afternoon gatherings, and a patio heater or modern wood burner for parties that intend to go on into the evening hours.

Solid Wood Teak Furniture – Patio Tables and Chairs – Wooden BenchesGarden Seating –Additional small benches and stools are great seating alternatives when you have additional guests and your patio set just isn’t big enough.  Solid wood  teak furniture is an ideal choice as it is durable enough for the outdoors whilst looking stylish.  Make these extra seats look warm and inviting by adding scatter cushions or draping a throw on the back.


Solid Wood Teak Furniture – Patio Tables and Chairs – Wooden BenchesSetting the Table – Your table setting should reflect the atmosphere you’re hoping to create.  For sophisticated parties add placemats, coasters and beautiful serving dishes.  For a tea party add floral china cups and sauces, and make your centrepiece a beautiful cake stand filled with yummy cupcakes and afternoon treats.

Solid Wood Teak Furniture – Patio Tables and Chairs – Wooden BenchesOutdoor Lighting –Outdoor lighting helps warm up parties that filter into the evenings.  Lanterns hanging from trees, candles scattered on table tops and walls all look beautiful when lit.  You could even line a pathway with candles to lead your guests to the seating area.


The Barbecue –The BBQ – whether it is a traditional coal BBQ, modern gas  grill or built in bricked area – should fit into your garden and be spaced with some distance from your seating area.  Your guests will want to go over and see what’s cooking, but at the same time they won’t want smoke travelling towards them whilst they enjoy a drink and chat.

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