Sleigh Beds – Create a Luxurious Bedroom This Winter!

Sleigh beds are very distinctive in appearance and are items of pure indulgence. Puji sell a stunning collection of sleigh beds in light and dark oak which are perfect for a large bedroom and create a sense of luxury.

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What are Sleigh Beds and Why do they Work in Larger Bedrooms?

Sleigh beds have their roots in Roman times and are characterised by a high head and footboard which is either curved or scrolled. It became popular in the early 1800 after the design appealed to the Emperor Napoleon who commissioned works for his palatial homes. This led to them becoming known as French beds.

Historically, the sleigh bed functioned as a day bed which was designed to be seen from all angles. The sleigh bed was a majestic piece placed in the centre of a chamber from where the occupant would hold court. It is for this reason they work so well in larger bedrooms because they are sumptuous and imposing.

Why is a Sleigh Bed Design so Popular?

A sleigh bed is a big piece which makes a magnificent a focal point. There are a variety of styles and materials to choose from including wood or metal based beds. Whatever type you select, a bedroom with this type of furniture is one where the bed takes centre stage. It makes a bedroom a great place to relax and unwind in because it is all about the bed.

Wooden sleigh beds are more common than metal beds and create a wonderful feature. You can have sleigh beds with exquisite carved head and footboards or beds with a high headboard and a lower footboard connected by low-rise side rails. There are also more contemporary designs which create a luxurious feel to a bedroom. Contemporary sleigh beds are simple in style which makes them more suited to modern, minimalist homes.

Sleigh beds in lighter wood give a bright and airy feel to a bedroom. Dark woods are more elegant and create a cosy atmosphere. Match your sleigh bed with a similar wood finish to create a uniform appearance. Below we shall provide top tips on how to decorate your bedroom with a sleigh bed.

Get the Look

Make Room for the Bed

As sleigh beds are very grand and imposing, it is important to make sure there is sufficient space so that the bed does not overwhelm the room. A sleigh bed is a beautiful item of furniture that should be a feature of this space. For this reason it is more suited for larger rooms as it would swamp a small area.

Be Selective With Furniture

Once you have chosen your sleigh bed, consider the size of the room in relation to the rest of your bedroom furniture. Make sure that each piece serves a vital purpose so the furniture does not overcrowd the space.

Match your furniture with the bed to create balance. For instance, if you have a light oak bed, choose furniture in a similar wood. If you have a dark wood bed, it is best to opt for dark wood furniture.

Clear Clutter

A room with a sleigh bed should be clutter free to allow this graceful furniture piece to dominate the room. A bedroom full of knick knacks looks messy and detracts from the splendour of your bed. It also makes it very difficult to find anything. Have only your most beautiful or treasured items on display and tidy the rest away in drawers or cupboards. This will also make your bedroom appear more spacious.

Decorating Your Room

Puji have a wide selection of luxury bed linen to complement your bedroom furniture. Fair trade cotton is farmed in India using natural methods and SKAL approved methods of processing so they are ideal for those with skin allergies.

Puji’s organic bed linen range includes super soft sheets pillow cases and duvet covers with a 250 thread count to help you sleep soundly at night.  Decorate your room with a colourful throw such as the Squares Throw Petrol, to make your bed snug and inviting.  Add a beautiful rug to match and to make the room warm and comforting and keep your feet warm on cold mornings.

Accompanying Furniture

Puji has a beautiful range of matching bedroom furniture which works perfectly with the Paris Oak Sleigh Bed. This includes the Paris Oak Tallboy, Paris Oak WardrobeParis Oak Bedside, Paris Oak Lowboy and Paris Oak Chest – all designed with a gentle curve to reflect the design of the bed.


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