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Sleigh beds, platform beds or Oriental beds each have individual characteristics to help transform your room into a restful sanctuary. Your choice of bed is the most important decision to make in the bedroom; where you sleep should be a place of calm and relaxation and bed is the central to creating a haven of tranquillity.

Wood is the most popular material for bedroom furniture as it is classic and timeless. Puji sell a full range of solid wood beds including sleigh beds, platform beds and Oriental beds in hardwoods such as teak, oak, ash and mahogany. Our beds come in a range of light and dark finishes and can be made to bespoke sizes.

Here we shall look at different types of solid wood beds you can buy and how you can select the right bed for your home.

Sleigh beds – click here to view

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds take their inspiration from the Roman and Greek empire period and became popular in France in the early 19th century. They get their name as they look like a sleigh as they have large headboards or footboards that are curved or scrolled. The scroll can turn outwards or inwards, although the outwards is commonplace as it is a much more practical design. Sleigh beds are often called French beds but these differ slightly as they feature straight head and footboards.

Sleigh beds are luxurious items of furniture with an imposing design. They are items of pure indulgence so they are ideally suited to large double bedrooms and as they would swamp a small room.

Puji takes a modern slant on the traditional sleigh bed and have in their collection a graceful, contemporary design. Our sleigh beds come in double, king size and super king size and are made of oak with a magnificent smooth light or dark finish. They can suit both traditional and modern bedrooms that have plenty of space.

Matching your sleigh bed with bedroom furniture and accessories

Sleigh beds are very grand in design so you would need similar styled pieces to complete the look. Any of Puji’s dark or light Paris Oak selection look impressive teamed with the sleigh bed and feature curved drawer fronts and delicate handles to give your bedroom a wonderful, classic look.

Match the Puji sleigh bed with the Paris slimboy, tallboy, dressing table, wardrobe, bedside table or lowboy. Accessorise sleigh beds with high quality fair trade cotton bed linen which has a wonderful 250 thread count, and is a joy to snuggle up in. You can also accompany luxurious linens with Puji’s beautiful Organic Sateen Bed Throw hand embroidered with an original design by the illustrator Jhinuk Sarkar.

Keep the bed as a focal point and decorate the room with a simple but attractive items, such as the Pinnot Display Vase and Whipped Jar Lamp. Use feature artwork in a natural colours to complete the look.

Platform Beds

Platform beds are sometimes called European beds because their simple, contemporary style is popular in European design. The bed rests on a platform or close set slats and they are usually quite low to the ground because there is no need for a box spring or mattress foundation. Sometimes platform beds are built on raised legs to allow for a roomy storage beneath.

Platform beds are sleek and minimalist which makes them suitable for modern or oriental themed bedrooms. As they are close to the ground they can make the bedroom appear more spacious than it really is. Platform beds are aesthetically appealing and bring an air of harmony to the bedroom. As they offer greater support for the mattress, they are also firmer than other types of bed, and so can provide a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Puji platform beds are suitable for contemporary loft-style bedrooms or modern homes, especially where space is at a premium. They made of reclaimed teak so they are very hardwearing and sturdy.

Platform beds – click here to view

Accessorising Your Platform Bed

As platform beds are very distinctive, with simple, clean lines, accessories need to be limited. Use furniture that is low to the ground to balance the look and further enhance the feelingof space. The Mino dressing table, side table, wardrobe, wideboy and tallboy, are chic and sturdy and match the Puji’s Mino platform bed perfectly.

Accessorise the bed with coloured throws and wonderfully tactile cushions in satin, velvet or faux fur. The quilted duck egg cushion works well with the blue green stripe cushion or the mauve Swarovski cushion and can be matched with the beautifully soft and cosy quilted duck egg throw. Team it with comfortable organic fair trade bedding from India, which have no traces of processing elements that may irritate delicate skin. This makes it ideal for people with allergies or skin conditions such as eczema

Oriental Beds

Oriental beds are chic and stylish with highly functional designs. They are characterised by clean lines, graceful proportions, and can be made of durable, exotic hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, mango and walnut.

As Asia is rich in art, culture and heritage, the choice of Oriental beds is vast. Styles can include platform, canopy, day beds and solid wood beds and some feature intricate, carved wooden headboards.

Oriental furniture can also be characterised by black or white lacquer which has an almost mirror shine. Puji’s black and white Oriental beds are sleek and simple in design and have a sophisticated look which is perfect for the modern home. Made of lacquered ash, they are highly robust and feature sprung slats and a low foot end.

Oriental Beds – click here to browse our full range of solid wood beds

Puji’s black lacquered Oriental beds give a cosy and intimate feel to bigger bedrooms but dark furniture can make a smaller room appear cramped. For rooms where space is at a premium, a white Oriental lacquered bed has a clean, fresh feel and reflects the light, so it can make a room appear larger. Match our black or white Shanxi beds with any of the furniture in the Oriental lacquered bedroom range including wardrobes, bedsides, chests of drawers, dressing tables and mirrors.

Accessorising Your Oriental Bedroom

Far Eastern Inspired bedrooms suit modern or traditional homes and are a great way to inspire your creativity. Match dark bedroom furniture with stunning vibrant colours and sumptuous fabrics to make your room warm and inviting. Reds, purples and green cushions look fabulous with Puji’s Oriental black lacquered beds such as the Pintuck cushion – Linden Green, the purple and lime oblong cushion and the faux silk Swarovski cushion – Amethyst.  Match these with the squares throw, purple passion for a cosy bedroom look.

Use neutral colours for the bedroom wall such as muted greys, bright white or beige and use colourful artwork with accent colours to bring out the colours in this space. A beautiful rug is great to sink your toes into when you have to get out of bed on a chilly winter morning, such as Puji’s beige mink rug. Bring the light into this room with a Shanxi lacquered mirror to match the Oriental bed perfectly. Puji Shanxi mirrors are available in black or white lacquer.

Accessorise your white lacquered bed with a brightly coloured throw and cushions such as the squares throw, petrol.  The teal swirl lamp or the bamboo lamp produce a gentle glow and will create a relaxing mood.  Add scented candles such as the linen and cashmere jar candle to stimulate the senses and turn your bedroom into your very own sanctuary.


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