Soft furnishings for summer

Summer has officially begun, so now it is time to re-think the look of your home and brighten it up ready for the hotter weather. Adding a few soft furnishings for summer could be the way you achieve this well needed revamp. In winter we tend to favour darker colours, such as maroons, browns, greys and blacks. Once the weather warms up and temperatures rise, the lighter hues are favoured. 2014 top colours for summer include neutral backdrops with vivid colours such as hues of yellow, pink, light blues and coral. Also keeping a cool contemporary theme is the hot fashion in 2014.

Another reason to give your home a great summer look maybe if you are not going on holiday this year, this will give you time and money to take advantage of the recent spell of warm weather in the UK and spend your week off revamping your home.

If you want to give your home a makeover this summer, here are 15 ideas to get you started:

1)  Decluttering may sound like a boring job but you don’t realise the impact of a good declutter until it is done. The joys of decluttering can be strenuous and time consuming, but reward yourself for all your hard work by investing in a new set of curtains or a new duvet on your bed. This could brighten up the room and make it appear much more spacious, especially when combined with a good declutter!

2)  A fresh bouquet of flowers can make all the difference. Even by adding just a little touch of colour could go a long way to transforming a room and creating the summer feeling you’re looking for. In addition to this, you could also add  depth and texture by experimenting with different size vases or grouping smaller vases together.

3)  Does it look like you’ve done everything to try and make your room brighter but you still haven’t achieved the look you want? Why not change your soft furnishings for summer? Try removing your dark coloured duvet set and replacing it with a white or cream version, or replacing your thick throw on the bottom of your bed with some light and fluffy textured cushions. This will allow the room to feel more open and light and will reflect the rays coming through your windows!

4)  Take advantage of this lovely hot spell that we are having in the UK and take out your garden furniture, whether it is the garden table or just a few chairs.  Garden furniture brings an instant summer feel to your home. Sitting out in the garden on an evening with friends or family and a glass of wine is a great end to the day.

5)  Paying special attention to the details  can make a massive difference to the way a room can feel! For example, small touches such as adding runners and matching placemats to your dining table or even coasters to your stylish coffee table could bring a room to life!

6)  By just hanging canvas pictures or personal photos in lovely photo frames could really liven up a space. You could put all the artwork together, similar to a collage, turning your wall into memories of a life time and create a talking point. Colourful canvases don’t have to be hung on the wall either. They could be positioned leaning against the wall – it is as easy as that!

7)  Filing and tidying messy untouched cabinets could really relieve you of the space you need and can be used to conceal cluster and mess! An organised home is an organised mind and you will find once your home is tidy and clutter free it not only improves your home, but your way of life!

8)  We all know one of the least expensive ways to refresh a room involves rearranging your furniture. Re-examining what you already have with fresh eyes is greener, cheaper, and often more effective than buying something new. Have a friend to help; it makes moving heavy pieces a lot easier, it provides you with a second opinion, and gives you the energy to keep going. Secondly, have a plan but don’t be afraid to change it. We never know what something’s going to look like until we see it in place.

9)  Give simple wooden chairs a unique new look that matches your refreshed décor by creating a pattern using drill bits. Draw your desired pattern on the back of a flat, or slightly curved wooden chair using a pencil. Use a drill and drill bits in different sizes through the chair, following your pattern. If you still want to give your furniture a completely different look, but don’t want to cover the piece, try fabric paint. Make sure the fabric paint you buy can be used on your furniture, and always test the paint before applying.

10)  Replacing fabric items with brand new options can have a big impact. Consider replacing towels, sheets, the dog bed and comforter covers (things that show wear and tear, fading, staining, etc.) for an easy home makeover. Then bring out the fresh linens!

11)  It’s been said time and time again that nothing gives a space a more dramatic update than a fresh coat of paint. For the cost and elbow grease, this update is the best value for delivering a huge transformation – and its summer, so lighten up! Go brighter, crisper and cleaner. If you are daring, try out small swatches of sunny shades on your wall before committing to the whole room.

12) One of the best things about summer is the hot weather and the cool breeze. On a hot summer’s day let the fresh air in by opening the windows and doors. That will definitely make you feel in the summer mood and inspire you to think of some decorative ideas to revamp your home for the summer.

13) If you have hardwood floors, summer is a great time to show them off. Storing heavy rugs and going for a bare floor instead is an easy  way to lighten up and create a new look for summer.

14)  Adding a few reflective surfaces will make a plain room look larger. A mirrored tray or crystal centrepiece will perk up that tired table arrangement or add interest to your mantle. Other good options are crystal photo frames, mirrored coasters and glass collectibles. You can use glass, mirrors and crystal in wall art and lighting fixtures, too.

15) Changing the pillows, candles, area rugs, wall art and throws will give your home a brand new look. If you’ve kept your colour scheme neutral, add one or two of this season’s new colours in accent pieces for a little pop. Throw in a little black, too. Black is an eye-catching neutral that will revitalize your colour scheme by making everything else look more vivid and alive.

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