Solid Teak Tables – Redesigning Your Dining Space this Spring

The dining space is one of the most neglected areas of the home. However, if you take time to redesign this area with high quality furniture, such as solid teak tables, this will give your interior a new lease of life and you can look forward to welcoming friends over for an informal diner and a glass of wine.

While some people have a kitchen diner, others have a separate dining room which allows you the chance to be more creative with this space. Whichever type of dining space you have, contemporary kitchen furniture varies from solid teak tables, round, square and rectangular dining tables, to wooden chairs, benches and beautiful rattan woven chairs. Here is our brief guide on things to consider to create the perfect dining space.

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Choosing Dining Tables

The first step in choosing a dining table is to look at the materials used. Dining tables and kitchen tables are a big investment to make. As kitchen tables in particular are in round the clock use, it is important to buy something of quality – such as solid teak tables – so your furniture piece will last.

A dining room table should be visually appealing as it is a focal point of the room, so it can make or break a space. Before you choose your table, think about the look you want to achieve. Do you want a dining space with a Zen feel, featuring high gloss, white or black Chinese lacquered furniture? Or do you prefer the rustic farmhouse look with a solid teak table and chairs?

Solid wood dining tables are a safe buy as timber is warm and welcoming to the touch and has been used in furniture for centuries. Teak, in particular, is known for its hardness, so it is a great choice for a busy dining space.

Another consideration to make is comfort. A dining table also needs to be comfortable so guests can sit together without banging their legs or knees under the table. Finally, look at the shape of the table. Do you want a rectangular dining table – which is the most popular choice – or a round one which is more sociable and, if you have extra seating, you can easily squeeze in an extra guest or two.

Choosing the Right Chairs

Choosing the right chairs is essential to the overall look of the dining room. The chairs you select should reflect the colour and style of your table. So if you have a contemporary dining table, for instance, you should choose contemporary chairs in a similar shade and design to your table to give your dining space a coordinated appearance.

Comfort is another dining essential and, if you can, it is worth taking a look at the chairs at first hand and trying them out for comfort. Chairs with long backs are considered the most comfortable, but chairs with shorter backs make a room appear more spacious; so this is worth bearing in mind if you have a small space to fill. Leather or upholstered chairs feel great to sit on, however, if you have a busy family kitchen diner, you may feel wooden kitchen chairs are more practical.

Another practical consideration for busy family homes are benches: these can slip beneath the table and accommodate extra guests at short notice. Stools are another useful buy – especially if they are stackable – as they don’t take too much room and you can have them on standby when you have extra guests for dinner.

For a quirkier look to your dining space, rattan woven chairs are a beautiful contemporary kitchen furniture choice and they can be used by themselves, or mixed with wooden kitchen chairs for an eclectic look.

Making the Best of a Small Space

Not all homes are blessed with a large dining space. In apartments and new builds in particular, dining areas tend to be small. However, there are ways to decorate a small dining space without it looking too cluttered or overcrowded.

One solution is to choose square dining tables as these can be pushed into a corner when they are not in use. Another option is fold-away or extendable dining room tables as they don’t take up too much room.

Puji sell a wide range of contemporary kitchen furniture of all shapes and sizes including rectangular, square, round and extendable dining tables. And, if you can’t find what you need on our website, we also offer bespoke kitchen furniture so you can have furniture made to your exact dimensions at an affordable price.

If you have a small dining space, it’s better to opt for light teak furniture and more delicate furniture, so the area does not appear swamped. Another suggestion is to push the table against the wall when meal times are over as this will free up extra space in your dining area.

Puji sell a wide range of solid wood dining room furniture and contemporary kitchen furniture including: teak tables and chairs, console tables, bookcases and display cabinets, side tables, benches, stools, side boards as well as dining accessories such as lighting, candles, vases, crockery, bowls, plates, coasters, runners and table mats.

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