Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture – The Benefits of Solid Teak Furniture in the Most Private Room of Your Home and What Your Bedroom Design Says About You!

Puji sell a wide range of solid wood bedroom furniture including beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing tables and side tables made from one hundred per cent solid teak. We also have a range of occasional chairs which are perfect for the bedroom and include love seats and dress chairs.

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is described as the most private room of the home. It reflects our inner-most selves as it is generally a room where only a few people see. Unlike the living room which is often on display, the bedroom is not shown to many guests. However, this doesn’t mean it should be neglected when choosing furniture.

It is extremely important to make this room beautiful as it symbolises your personality and your primary relationship. So choosing solid wood bedroom furniture and gorgeous accessories will ensure you create a stunning sanctuary which also brings about love and happiness.

The design, style and furniture in a bedroom is said to signify things about the people who sleep there. So when it comes to choosing your furniture and accessories, think carefully about what your bedroom says about you and what you would like it to say! Here we shall look at the benefits of solid wood bedroom furniture and what this space says about your personality.

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Why Choose Solid Teak Furniture in the Bedroom?
Solid teak furniture is a great choice for the bedroom because it is visually appealing and is also extremely durable. This means a solid teak bed frame can last for a life-time and beyond, offering tremendous value for money. Not only that, but teak furniture is known for its beauty because of its attractive grain and warm, deep  colouring. It can also be stained to a colour to suit your personal taste from rich dark tomid brown or left natural for a more rustic look.

Puji solid teak beds are strong and supportive and they are resistant to knocks and scratches, which makes them ideal for furniture that is in such regular use. Puji use a high percentage of reclaimed teak, recycled from old colonial buildings in Indonesia. This high quality timber is extremely robust, all completely unique and you have the peace of mind knowing that your bed is environmentally friendly as the timber has been put to good use, creating a stunning furniture piece for your bedroom.

Decorating and Accessorising Your Bedroom to Reflect Your Personality
The way you decorate your bedroom says a lot about you and your personality! So if you are choosing an entire room set, think carefully about the bed, bedding, storage furniture and accessories and what it might say about you.

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture -  – click here to browse our full range.

Generous, Grand Personality
For the larger than life, outgoing and spirited couple, consider buying a Solid Oak Sleigh Bed to really make a statement. This large, luxurious bed comes with matching solid oak chest of drawers, wardrobe, side table and dressing table and would work really well with a bold colour scheme.

Consider adding a statement wall with bright colour/wallpaper in a textured design and hang fantastic artwork with inspiring images to accessorise. Soft furnishings are a great way to add your own individuality to this space, so bring the whole look together with cosy bed throws and textured cushions. Place plants, or an interesting floor vase made from natural materials with curly willow sticks, such as the Lurus Floor Vase and voilà you have the finishing touches!.

Don’t forget to add a large, decadent mirror. How about the Henry Dark Teak Mirror? This beautiful mirror has been handmade with bamboo laid in resin and adds a solid feel to this space.

Romantic, Warm Personality
If you are a loving warm, romantic couple think about buying the Henry Natural Arc Bed with its comfortable bed frame and attractive, curved headboard. This relaxed and elegant bed frame, made from 100 per cent solid teak comes with matching wardrobe, chest of drawers, side table and dressing table and will work well with a soft colour scheme in romantic colours such as pinks, lilacs and orange.

A romantic couple will have lots of mood lighting, such as the Bamboo Floor Lamp to create a soft and sensual glow.  Add lots of candles such as the Bamboo Candle Set of three and have a beautiful vase in natural materials such as the white Ribbed Floor Vase large where you can add sticks of curly willow and add fairy lights for a bright, romantic feel. If you are going for a bedroom with dark furniture, why not add a love seat? Such as the Rattan Love Seat made from bamboo. No romantic space is complete without soft furnishings such as cushions, bed throws and a rug which feels wonderfully soft and sensuous underfoot. Consider the Beige Mink Rug for cosy nights in.

Creative, Vibrant Personality
If you are a creative, vibrant couple you will want to add your own artistic flair to the bedroom. Think about buying the stunning reclaimed teak Harmoni Bed with a fantastic fretwork headboard. The Harmoni bed works well with any of Puji’s dark teak stained furniture including the Jaya Chest made from mahogany and teak, which comes in a striking two tone design. This handy set of drawers has smaller and larger drawers, so you can store a selection of different clothing items. 

Bold colours will work well in a room dedicated to creative personalities so consider the Squares Throw in Purple Passion, the Swarovski Cushion in amethyst purple and the Purple/Lime Striped Cushion. The handcrafted  modern reclaimed teak Jepara Wall Art is a unique limited edition design which will add impact to this space and why not add a Teak Wheel, which is an abstract hand-made work of art which will look wonderful in a creative home.

Calm and Relaxed
If you are a calm and relaxed couple, you will want a bedroom that is tranquil, serene and you enjoy spending time in, either cosying up under the covers, or unwinding with a good book. Think about buying the Mino Natural Bed with its beautiful minimalist design, sleek clean lines which evokes a sense of harmony. Team the  bed with any of Puji’s Mino range including the simple, but stylish  reclaimed teak Mino Natural Wardrobe, the beautiful Mino Natural Wideboy  and two Mino Natural Side Table with drawers to add balance to this space.

Keep the background colours neutral and add a mirror to open up the room and bring in the lightsuch as the full-length Induh Natural Mirror with its elegant design. A bedroom that is completely dedicated to unwinding and recharging should have lots of soft furnishings including a thick, fluffy rug. Keep bed throws and cushions and rugs in soft neutral colours such as  the superb Duck Egg Cushion which goes brilliantly with the Quilted Duck Egg Throw and adds to the peaceful environment of this space. Add relaxed seating to read a magazine or listen to music, such as the Rattan Egg Chair hand made from rattan which is a real statement peace, providing a snuggly place to unwind. A calm and relaxed bedroom will not be complete without a Buddha such as Puji’s Praying Buddha in an antique gold finish. 

Organised and Orderly
An efficient and orderly couple will want lots of storage space to tidy things away and keep things clean and organised. Consider buying the beautiful Shanxi Black Lacquer Bed featuring edging detailing. This can be matched with other furniture in the Shanxi range including wardrobes, chests of drawers (such as the Shanxi Black Large Chest) with brass flip handles. This stylish chest can work as a his or hers chest and be teamed with the Shanxi bedside.

Accessorise with soft furnishings such as the faux Silk Squares Throw (sesame) and the hand tufted Wool Horizon Rug in cream, inject colour into this space with bold artwork to brighten up the room. You can also draw the light into this space with the Shanxi Black Lacquer Square Mirror in solid wood with black lacquering and wooden edging detailing. This beautiful mirror has clean, straight lines and a minimalist design. Top off the bedroom with a laundry basket to hide away dirty washing such as Puji’s Rattan Laundry Basket with lid.


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