Solid Wood Chests

Puji sell a stunning selection of solid wood chests, including solid wood chests of drawers, in a host of different styles and sizes to match our existing bedroom furniture ranges. We also sell solid wood blanket boxes made from reclaimed teak in a variety of finishes as well as Oriental-style blanket boxes in black or white lacquered ash.

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Solid Wood Chest of Drawers

Our wide selection of solid wood chests of drawers will suit all interiors from roomy loft apartments to traditional homes, small town flats and country cottages. Our solid wood range includes elegant modern textured chests of drawers in teak and mahogany, high quality sturdy oak chests and beautiful reclaimed teak chests. Puji’s reclaimed teak chests are a stylish addition to any home and come in a range of finishes including light teak, dark teak and natural, for a more rustic look. We also have superb Oriental black or white lacquered ash chests of drawers which are outstanding in craftsmanship and are perfect for Oriental and Chinese style bedrooms.

Our solid wood chest of drawers are available in a variety of shapes and designs. Sizes range from three drawer chests right up to nine drawer chests. Puji’s slimboy and tallboy solid wood chests maximise storage as they can slot into small spaces such as bedroom alcoves. The smaller sized drawers are great for tidying socks, scarves, gloves, hats and lingerie. Puji’s lowboy chests are much wider and shorter and are ideal as a his and hers chest in a roomy double bedroom. We also have chests with a combination of drawers such as our two over three chests to provide a handy storage solution for jumpers, T-shirts, shorts, trousers, underwear and accessories.

Chests of drawers are traditionally used to keep bedrooms uncluttered and tidy. However a solid wood chest is a highly practical furniture piece and can be placed in just about any room in the home. A wooden chest makes a handy addition to the living room or family room to store board games, toys, video games, magazines, CDs and TV remotes. It is also ideal in the dining area to tidy away tablecloths, placemats and napkins. A chest of drawers in the office can keep print paper, ink cartridges and paperwork in. If you have the space in the bathroom, a solid wood chest of drawers provides a perfect storage solution for towels, hair products, make up and toiletries.

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Solid Wood Blanket Boxes

If you are looking for a storage solution for blankets and bed linens, Puji have a superb range of solid wood chests. Also known as solid wood blanket boxes, they are available in reclaimed teak, Oriental black or white lacquered ash and we also have a beautiful carved teak trunk which will enhance any interior.

As the name implies blanket boxes are primarily used to store blankets. They look fantastic positioned at the end of the bed or near a window where they can double up as seating. They have other uses too. They can be used for tidying children’s toys, are ideal as a dressing up box in a playroom or can be used to store other clothing items such as a wedding dress. A lockable chest is also perfect for hiding presents in and keeping little fingers out! For example Puji’s stunning lockable Henry Blanket Chest or stylish Henry rustic chest can suit any interior. Our carved Trunk makes a great alternative to a coffee table and makes a striking focal point. For a sleek Oriental look, our black or white lacquered ash chests add beauty and elegance to any home.

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The Importance of Good Home Storage

Good home storage is vital in any modern household. It not only keeps clutter at bay, but helps to keep your home organised so you can find things quickly and easily. If space is at a premium, choose furniture wisely such as coffee tables with drawers underneath, book cases with fitted storage cupboards, or bedside tables with shelving. Puji has a range of clever storage solutions such as our Oriental lacquered Shanxi Trunk or Tree Bark Box which serve as a side table as well as a storage box, or the Oak Cube Set, which acts as a table nest or can be stacked to create a display unit.

Even the smallest of spaces have storage solutions. For example the tall and thin Henry locker can fit into any space and also has adjustable shelving. The Slatted Single Locker has two drawers and two cupboards with shelving. The Mino slim bookcase has a display section and drawers to hide unsightly items such as paperwork. Shoes can be neatly tucked away in shoe racks in the hallway and the surface used to place a handbag on.

If you are furnishing your new home, here at Puji we have plenty of good storage options. In the bedroom, some wardrobes have added shelving and drawers. We also have a range of chests of drawers, bedsides and dressing tables. Puji living room storage includes audio and TV units, CDs cupboards, side tables, cabinets and book cases. We also have side boards, display units and console tables for the dining area. Complete your home storage requirements with a desk and filing cabinet for your office area, for easy access to all your important documents.

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