Solid Wood Coffee Tables

No living room would be complete without a wooden coffee table. A wooden coffee table is not only beautiful to look at, but is durable too, so by choosing a solid wood coffee table you are investing in a stylish, hard wearing piece of furniture that will be admired and enjoyed for many years to come.

The coffee table was a late development in the history of furniture. Although it was invented in the 19th century, it only really became popular in the early 20th century. Today the coffee table has withstood the test of time and has become an essential part of our living room set. Where else would we rest our laptop, coffee mug, TV dinners or essential reading materials?

Contemporary coffee tables can be made out of a variety of materials. The wooden coffee table, however, has always maintained its popularity as it is not only gorgeous to look at, but practical and can suit any style of home from contemporary apartments to town houses or traditional country cottages. Puji has a stunning selection of teak and oak coffee tables in traditional, country, rustic, and contemporary designs. Our finishes range from natural, light wood to mid or dark wood. For those who want an oriental look to their home, we also sell a stunning range of black lacquered coffee tables.

Most of Puji’s coffee tables are part of a matching set of living room furniture and you can find side tables, bookcases, side boards, end tables and much more to complete the look.

Solid Wood Coffee Tables – click here to browse our contemporary and traditional designs

Why wooden furniture works in the living room

Coffee tables should be attractive, useful items that complement your existing living room furniture. Some are purely functional, others are works of art in their own right. The beauty of wood is that it works well in any home and creates a sense of luxury.

Wooden coffee tables come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes including round, square and rectangular. The height of coffee tables also vary. Low level tables are ideal for homes with limited room as it creates the illusion of space. If you want a coffee table to rest your laptop or TV dinners on, you may want a table with a more comfortable height. Some have handy shelves or drawers so magazines, books, paperwork or remote controls can be neatly hidden from view. If you have a young family, a coffee table that doubles up as a chest or has open shelves can be useful when tidying toys away. Toys can be placed in boxes or baskets when not in use and neatly stored under the table.

Why choose a teak coffee table?

Puji’s designs include coffee tables made of teak, which is a hard wood imported from Indonesia. The teak wood is then stained to a colour that will work well in your home. Finishes vary from light natural teak to solid dark wood. Whatever type of finish you choose, a teak coffee table is an attractive addition to your lounge. As teak is one of the hardest woods there is, each item of furniture is built to last, so your living room furniture can be enjoyed by the next generation!

Our tables are made in one of the Puji factories in Java, Indonesia. Here skilled craftsmen use traditional woodworking tools and techniques to create each furniture piece. We create simple and functional designs and the majority of our pieces are made from reclaimed timber which has a natural beauty that gives our furniture years of character and history.
Puji’s teak coffee tables are easy to maintain. Any marks or scratches can be taken care of with a light application of wax or oil.

Bespoke coffee tables

Puji can provide you with a unique and individual furniture piece you would be proud to own. Just call us to discuss your ideas and we will provide a free estimate of what it will cost.
We are happy to work alongside architects or interior designers to create stunning bespoke pieces for an added wow factor.

Bespoke Furniture Design – call us on 0208 8863000 or email us at to discuss your needs and find out what Puji can do for you.

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