Solid Wood Dining Tables

Beautiful and elegant to look at, solid wood dining tables create a sense of luxury. They suit all types of homes from urban contemporary loft-style living to traditional country homes or cottages and have the added benefit that they last a life-time. Solid wood dining tables are durable, chic, distinctive and simple in design. They can be made from a range of timbers such as Mango, Mahogany, Teak, Oak, Alder and other fine hard woods.

Solid Wood Dining Tables : Teak, Oak, Alder, Mango, MahoganySolid wood dining tables include round and square tables which have become popular in modern homes. Round and square tables tend to be more social and inviting than traditional rectangular tables as they cut out the need for a ‘head of table’ which is less intimate. Solid wood extending tables can also be a good option as they can be  extended when needed to accommodate more guests but give more room space when not in use.

Teak Dining Tables

Solid Wood Dining Tables : Teak, Oak, Alder, Mango, MahoganyTeak is a highly resistant hard wood which makes it an ideal wood of choice for a dining room table. Our distinctive teak dining tables are created from reclaimed teak from Indonesia. Of all the top teak producing regions, Indonesian teak is thought to be of the best quality in the world.

Architects, designers, builders and manufacturers use teak because of its durability and it is easy to maintain. Teak is an attractive and exotic hard wood with deep colours, rich grain patterns and interesting character marks.

Oak Dining Tables

Oak is a very strong and dense wood which has become increasingly the timber of choice in furniture making. It looks good either left natural or when it is stained to mid-to dark tones.

Alder Dining Tables

Alder wood is a good wood of choice for a dining room table as it is very hard wearing and has good finishing characteristics. It has a honey or light tan colour and can be used either as it is, in its natural state, or can be stained to imitate other woods such as cherry. It has good texture and can be used as a character wood

Mango Dining Tables

Mango wood comes from the same tree as the tropical fruit of the same name. It is very durable and is widely used in the manufacture of furniture. Mango trees are most common in South East Asia, including Indonesia, where they can grow up to a massive 100 feet and five feet in diameter.

Attractive in either contemporary or traditional dining table designs, mango is relatively easy to work with, especially when polishing or finishing. It is a good alternative to teak because of its strength and high quality. Mango wood can be greenish brown in colour, light or dark brown, pinkish or yellowish with some dark streaks running through it.

Mahogany Dining Tables

Solid Wood Dining Tables : Teak, Oak, Alder, Mango, Mahogany


Mahogany is a beautiful, high quality wood with a reddish brown colour which darkens over time. It is very durable and is the leading wood for veneers, musical instruments, carpentry, and dining tables. It polishes to a high sheen.


We have a wonderful selection of solid wood dining room tables to choose from including traditional rectangular tables, circular, square and tables that can be extended to accommodate more diners.

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