Solid Wood Furniture – Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Solid wood furniture continues to be a popular option for furnishing modern homes, not only because it looks stunning but it is also a practical option that has remained a style choice for generations.

If you are choosing solid wood furniture, it is always worth spending that little bit extra and going for high quality furnishings in a style that you will love, such as a timeless wooden dining set. This is because solid wood furniture is a long term investment that can even be passed down through families!

Most of Puji’s solid wood furniture is handmade in our very own factory in Java, Indonesia, and has been individually crafted to the highest quality. Although we specialise in contemporary wooden furniture, our furniture benefits from classic design features so it will last for many years to come.

Our Henry Dining Table, for instance, is a best seller as it has contemporary characteristics such as clean, sleek lines, but also has a timeless quality and shows the true beauty teak can bring to your home.

When choosing furniture for your home, it is important to be practical wherever you can. There is no point, for instance, in choosing a white, minimalist style if you have a growing family with young children as it will be difficult to maintain this look. Instead, opt for furniture in a solid wood finish and in hard wearing materials such as teak because any scratches or marks can easily be rectified.

Whatever your preferred style of furniture, go with what feels right and what will work best in the type of home that you have.

Puji specialise in contemporary solid wood furniture for all areas of the home including the sitting room, dining area, bedroom, home office, library and kitchen. Our furniture encompasses a wide range of styles including contemporary, traditional, carved, Chinese black or white lacquer, in a range of timbers and colours.

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3 Steps to Decorating with Solid Wood Furniture

Step 1: Decide on Your Look

Once you have settled on having solid wood furniture for your home, it is time to decide on the look you want to achieve.

Real wood furniture is very versatile as it comes in a range of colour options from dark brown, mid brown, light or natural, so it offers a very wide choice.

To select the right furniture, it is always best to follow your heart on the style you want to achieve. Above all, remember that you will probably change your decor and colour scheme more often than your furniture – especially if it is solid wood furniture – so it’s important to pick a style that you will still love in 20 or so years time.

It may be that you want a room that is light, airy and minimalist, in which case light coloured furniture, such as natural teak, or oriental white lacquered furniture will work for you. If you want a more traditional look, go for dark coloured furniture such as Puji’s Henry Dark range. If you want something more dramatic, you might well want to go for a monochrome look such as black lacquered furniture against a white background. Or it may be you prefer a more exotic look and want your furniture items to become a talking point, such as using a striking carved wooden chest as a coffee table.

To get the look you want to achieve, you could start by creating a mood board featuring different ideas. Take your inspiration from magazines, other people’s homes, a favourite hotel or restaurant.

If you are moving to a new home and starting from scratch, don’t try to do everything all at once. Instead break the project down into small sections, such as decorating your home room by room if need be.

Step 2: Measure Up

Once you have settled on the type of solid wood furniture you want for your home, the next step is to decide exactly where it will go in the room.

To do this, make a draft of the room on a piece of squared paper, or on the computer, so you can work out how to make best use of this space.

Experiment with different layouts as just by moving furniture around, you will be surprised with how much space you can create. Even changing the direction of a large furniture piece, such as a bed, can free up an entire wall space.

If you have a small room, don’t swamp it with furniture no matter how much storage space you need; opt for decluttering instead. Equally important is not to go to the other extreme and have furniture that is too small to fit the space.

Measure up before buying so you know the furniture you have chosen is exactly the right size for the space.  When measuring for a dining table, be sure to include space for the chairs too, as well as space for people to walk around the table.

Step 3: Pull the Look Together

Once you have chosen your furniture, think about colours, textures and accessories such as cushions, throws and rugs.

You may have a painting that you love and want to pick out some of the colours in it such as pinks, greens or blues.

Artwork, candles, vases and soft furnishings make the room more homely and will give you a space that you will adore spending time in.

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