Solid Wood Furniture – Create the Perfect Home

Solid wood furniture is extremely versatile when you want to create the perfect look for your home. It can be used to create all sorts of different styles to suit your personality and create the perfect interior setting.

Solid wood furniture is popular in traditional homes, from terraced properties, to country cottages. It is very practical too, especially if you have a busy family, as solid wood furniture, such as a contemporary farmhouse style kitchen table like the Mino Natural Square Dining Table, is so easy to maintain.

However, solid wood furniture is not only suitable for traditional style interiors. It can also be used in more modern homes too and there are all sorts of different ways you can use solid wood furniture to create your own individual style.

For instance, if you want a bold, modern look to your interior, you can use a solid wood furniture piece, such as a sideboard or side table, alongside a bright red accent chair.  Or you can dress up a solid wood bed with colourful accessories like bright contemporary bed throws, a bold cushion or rug. This means that you benefit from the practicalities of solid wood furniture, while also bringing the look right up to date.

Puji sell a wide range of solid wood furniture in a variety of styles and designs. These pieces produce a contemporary feel to your interior, while benefiting from the quality and workmanship of individually made furniture.

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Puji furniture is made in Indonesia by local craftsmen. Each item is hand crafted to produce outstanding furniture pieces that you will love and enjoy for generations. Puji have an ethical policy for both the people who create the furniture and the pieces themselves. Natural, recycled and reclaimed materials are used to produce Puji’s furniture and accessories. Also, Puji pride themselves on the conditions and pay for the workers in Indonesia and the improvement in lifestyle and community the work they offer has provided for local people.


How to Use Wood to Create Different Effects


The colour of wood can be just as interesting as coloured items of furniture and it’s these natural tones that make solid wood furniture so unique.

Wood comes in so many different shades and colour options and there is no one set ‘wood colour’. The range of wood is vast from dark to light wood pieces of solid wood furniture. While dark wood can create an elegant and sophisticated look to your home, light wood can give rooms a light and airy feel and create the illusion of space.

Different types of finishes on your solid wood furniture will also enhance the natural colour of the grain and can give the piece a whole new look.  Teak, for instance, can be left natural for a more rustic look of treated to change the colour entirely

The colour of teak wood in its natural state has a raw quality to its grain and can range from honey gold to red, copper or even an earthy green colour depending upon the growth rings of the tree, with no two pieces of wood being alike. This makes teak a unique and stunning wood for your home. Teak solid wood furniture can be stained to a colour of your choice, to match existing furniture in your home.

Puji offer many different designs of solid wood furniture such as the simple and minimalist Mino furniture range. Mino solid wood furniture has straight, clean lines and is simple yet functional; perfect for light, airy and contemporary apartments and houses. This compares to the more elaborate and intricate colonial collection, which is a much darker wood with a heavier feel and elaborate mouldings on the pieces, more suited to traditional, older properties.

Another of Puji’s dark wood furniture collections is the Henry range.  This range of solid wood furniture would work well in either modern or traditional homes, as the dark wood is very classic but the strong, clean lines are more contemporary. Henry solid wood furniture comes in a variety of shades of wood and these can be teamed together for a very striking look. For example, the Henry dark coffee table would be a great focal piece for the centre of a sitting room but you could have the lighter Henry double units, for books and ornaments, on the walls.

You can also create a different look with white or black lacquered furniture. This solid wood furniture has been treated with multiple layers of a traditional Vietnamese lacquer to give it a strong, sleek and glossy finish. Black lacquered furniture often suits a traditional home, while white lacquered furniture is better in a more contemporary setting. The high shine finish coupled with the light reflecting properties of the sheen and the white colour appear to open up the space and make your interior seem more spacious.


How to Accessorise Your Solid Wood Furniture


The great things about solid wood furniture is, whether you choose light or dark wood, accessorising your room should be easy to do as wood is such a classic material and suits so many different styles.

In small rooms, clever use of mirrors can reflect light to make a room appear bigger and this can be a very useful tool if you’ve gone for a dark wood look.

In a larger space with light solid wood furniture, just a statement piece of contemporary artwork may be all your need to give the room a bold and striking appeal.

Vases, candles and table lamps will add the finishing touches to a room. Or maybe you’d like to pick one strong feature, like an oriental figurine sitting on a dark wood dining room table, to set the piece of furniture off.

Lighting is very important and can totally change the mood of a room. Table and floor lamps are not only beautiful but also practical too for showing the tones and colours of your wood off to its best advantage.

Don’t forget soft furnishings such as throws, rugs and cushions. These relax the strong lines of the furniture and add a feeling of comfort and luxury. Cool, crisp sheets on a bed with an opulent silk throw or bed runner can look inviting as well as stylish. A warm, bright rug on the floor of a lounge can lift a room, especially if you’ve gone for a simple style of furniture such as the Mino range, and cushions on a sofa add warmth, colour and softness to your look.

Solid Wood Furniture – click here to browse our full range

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