Solid Wood Furniture – Bless Your Home This Spring with Puji Solid Wood Furniture

With spring well underway, now is a great time to bless your home the Puji way with Far Eastern inspired solid wood furniture and accessories. Puji is the word for bless in Indonesian and what better way give your interior a brand new look than investing in solid wood furniture? Here we shall look at why spring is a great time to have a clear out and update old tired furniture.

Spring is traditionally the season to makeover your home as it is the time for new beginnings. A spring makeover is all about cleaning, re-organising, and transforming your interior into an aesthetical and functional living space. Revitalising your interior with contemporary solid wood furniture gives you the chance to unleash your creativity and show off your unique style. The first step to a spring makeover is to clean and de-clutter, then take a good look at your furniture and decide what you want to keep or replace.

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Solid wood furniture is a great choice for the home because it is not only beautiful, but it is also very practical because it is so hard wearing as it is built to withstand a lifetime of use. So if you want to bless your home this spring, solid wood furniture is an investment well worth making.

Puji sell a wonderful range of timeless solid wood furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and hallway. Our selection includes solid wood furniture in contemporary and traditional styles that will suit any home including white and black lacquered oriental furniture for an Eastern-inspired look, light wood furniture, dark wood furniture, reclaimed teak furniture, oak furniture and a contemporary blend of mahogany and teak furniture.

Our solid wood furniture can be teamed with our stylish soft furnishings and Indonesian hand-made accessories made from natural materials such as coconut shell, coco stick, teak wood, bamboo and limestone. A home with elegant solid wood furniture and well chosen natural accessories helps create a relaxed and calm environment.

Here we shall explain how to get the most up to date looks with Puji solid wood furniture and accessories.

Solid Wood Furniture: Bless Your Living Room

To achieve a contemporary look to your living room, make sure the room is not overloaded with furniture. Keep the look simple and have only your most attractive items on display. The contemporary look is all about less is more and room should be uncluttered, organised and comfortable.

For a contemporary living room, choose solid wood furniture with clean lines and strong geometric shapes. Furniture should be attractive and usable, such as an elegant hard wood coffee table or side table. Surround yourself with furniture made from good quality materials that you love, such as a reclaimed teak table that looks striking in a contemporary living room.

Keep the floors bare and smooth: a stripped solid wood floor is perfect for a contemporary home. The overall look should be bold and simple, with neutral colours on the walls and shots of colour in the soft furnishings. Cushions and a geometric patterned rug will brighten up the room, giving it warmth and texture. Art work and ornaments will also help put your own personal stamp on the room.

Solid wood furniture for storage is also a good idea to keep stuff out of sight so the room does not look too cluttered. Puji sell a wide range of storage for the living room including book cases, side boards and chests.

Solid Wood Furniture: Bless Your Bedroom

For a contemporary bedroom, the most important thing is to keep spaces clear and organised to create a relaxed and calm environment. If you have the space, a big his and hers chest of drawers, such as our Henry Natural Nine Boy Chest, is a great solution for storing away jumpers, T-shirts and other items of clothing.

If space is limited, however, Puji sell storage furniture for the bedroom to suit smaller spaces – such as our Mino range – which includes wardrobes, bedside tables, tallboys, wide boys, chests of drawers, beds and bookcases. Keep the look clean and fresh for a contemporary bedroom.

An elegant bed will form the centre piece of the room, so choose one that you will love. Solid wood beds are soothing and relaxing and help promote a good night’s sleep. If you want something out of the ordinary, the Harmoni bed with a beautiful fretwork headboard is a perfect addition to a contemporary bedroom. For a Zen look, the Mino natural bed is minimalist in style and gives an air of calm and harmony. Alternatively, the black or white lacquered Shanxi bed is a fantastic option for an oriental bedroom. Whatever the look you want, Puji has solid wood furniture to match all our bedroom ranges.

Soft throws and cushions soften the look and makes the space comforting and inviting. The right choice of lighting is also important to add mood and atmosphere. Puji sell a wide range of contemporary floor lamps and bedroom side lamps. We also sell a range of candles and fragrant diffusers to stimulate the senses and create ambience –  the perfect way to bless your bedroom this spring.

Solid Wood Furniture: Bless Your Dining Room

An elegant dining room decorated with solid wood furniture will impress guests and create the perfect space for entertaining. Puji sell a wide range of contemporary wooden dining tables, chairs, side boards and side tables to inspire your spring make over. A contemporary dining room should be light, airy and elegant.

A contemporary dining room is not just about the furniture; the key to the overall look is the way you dress this space. Puji have a beautiful range of table runners and table mats to complete the look as well as serving dishes in geometric shapes and bold colours. Our Bamboo Candle Set makes a fantastic centre piece and our floor lamps add atmosphere to this space.

In addition to beautiful solid wood furniture, a few well chosen accessories add the wow factor to your dining room and will impress guests with your creativity.

Solid Wood Furniture: Bless Your Hallway

The hallway should be a warm and welcoming space that is uncluttered. A shoe cupboard is great to have in this area and it will ensure nothing is left lying about on the floor for guests (or family) to trip up on. Our mahogany and teak Borneo Shoe Rack has a handy drawer for keys, sunglasses, wallets and loose change.

A focal point, such as a dramatic vase in the hallway filled with flowers or curly willow sticks, or a handmade teak footstool, looks stunning in a contemporary home and makes a talking point for guests. Whatever you decide to do this spring, bless your home with furniture that you love to create a home that you enjoy spending time in.

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