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Solid Wood Living Room Furniture & Contemporary Accessories

Designing your living room with solid wood furniture

The living room plays a central role in your home. It is a room often used for entertaining guests and relaxing after a long hard day at the office. This room will represent your home and needs good quality furniture to withstand daily wear and tear.

It will be in this room that your television and audio equipment are likely to be. Stylish, practical solid wood furniture is a must. Furnishing your living space with solid wood pieces that complement your interior will also add warmth, luxury and elegance.

Solid wood furniture means that all parts of the furniture are made from solid timber, which is either a softwood or hardwood. No veneers or particleboards are used.  Here at Puji we specialise in using solid reclaimed teak to create our hardwood furniture.

A modern trend is chunky furniture in a dark stained finish. Dark wood furniture enhances any space, adding a warmth and presence, which is both cosy and inspiring, relaxing and tranquil. There is a certain elegance that only dark wood can capture and a solid robustness that translates itself in rich and welcoming tones.

The darker tones of stained teak are full bodied and neutral, making it transferable to any setting and suited to all colour schemes. Dark wood furniture works well in any home design – whether it is period, classical, modern or contemporary – and can be dressed to suit your choice of accessories.

For the living room, why not consider a chunky solid wood coffee table in a rich dark brown.  Place a rug underneath to soften the lines of your furniture and the look will be complete.

Solid Wood Living Room Furniture & Contemporary Accessories

For those who prefer lighter tones, solid wood furniture in a natural finish can help open a space and make it appear more airy. Designs that are sleek in appearance and more streamlined can also suit smaller spaces. Left unstained, there is a natural rawness to teak wood which is particularly interesting. The wood has rich earthy green, red and copper tones that run through the grain, and no two pieces are the same.

All living rooms need an audio visual unit, so we designed ours to offer a visually pleasing solution to home cinema set ups as well as the more modest viewing systems. The one thing they have in common is that they are made from solid wood featuring traditional joints and bracing for strength. This ensures they can support even the largest plasma screens, safely and securely.

Once you have decided upon your coffee table and entertainment unit, you may need to consider additional storage in the form of bookcases or sideboards. Purchasing a solid wood bookcase is made easy at Puji. Our extensive range of bookcases offer both traditional and contemporary designs.

Solid Wood Living Room Furniture & Contemporary Accessories

Our solid wood ranges of versatile sideboards are a stylish addition to any living space. We offer sideboards with cupboards or combinations with drawers and cupboards.

Having invested in your solid wood furniture, choosing coordinating accessories will really bring the look together, offsetting your pieces perfectly. Accessories add the finishing touches of style and elegance to your home. The natural materials we use at Puji when manufacturing our accessories bring with them, a sense of the exotic.

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