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Designing your home office with solid wood furniture

Your home office should be a functional and organised place where you are free to be productive. It is vital that you select the right home office furniture and create a user-friendly working environment. A functional work place will allow you to immerse yourself in your work and a comfortable and organised work place will help you unleash your creativity and help you work productively.

Solid Wood Furniture & Contemporary AccessoriesIn the home office solid wood furniture will create a sturdy environment that feels good to spend long periods of time in and will also present a professional interior to anyone who may visit. Given the amount of time you spend in your workspace, it makes sense to add some warmth and visual appeal. Solid wood furniture will definitely introduce this and nothing matches the beauty and elegance of solid wood furniture.

When choosing solid wood office furniture it is important to purchase pieces crafted from high quality timbers. Solid wood means that these pieces will have no hidden veneers or plywood and will be strong, stable and durable.

Here at Puji we use high quality timbers to meet the demands of beautiful solid wood office furniture. We use only kiln dried seasoned wood and our craftsmen take pride in using time-honoured techniques to manufacture our furniture. These wonderful techniques ensure that each piece of furniture is graceful in design and most importantly, durable.

Our solid wood office furniture can be left natural in its raw state to highlight the beautiful grain patterns or for those who prefer darker furniture we also offer our collection stained to beautiful warm brown tones.

We use dove-tailed joints in drawers to ensure that your piece of furniture will be long lasting. Our pieces are suitably thick which also increases the durability, reliability and sturdiness of our furniture.

Solid Wood Furniture & Contemporary AccessoriesThe main piece of furniture you’ll have to consider for your office is the desk. We have a range of solid wood computer desks available in various styles and sizes, in both natural and dark wood to complement the colours of your decor. To suit everyone’s tastes we have styles that are contemporary and traditional. You will be amazed at how easily you can transform your office space with a good quality, stylish desk. A solid wood desk can add beauty and functionality to your home office and can even last long enough to become a family heirloom.

Solid Wood Furniture & Contemporary AccessoriesA bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture and almost every home office will need shelving and extra storage. A high quality bookcase will not only look good but also last a long time. A well finished bookcase will look sophisticated and stylish in your home office and will offer the perfect place to protect books, files and decorative accessories and you can rest easy knowing that your solid wood shelves can take the weight of whatever you choose to display.

For those who want to completely utilize their space and fulfill all requirements, a made to measure desk or shelving unit is worth considering. We use solid wood to manufacture your one off pieces so you will be able to get exactly what you need. Your home office furniture will be made to order so we can alter existing designs to suit your own dimensions or alternatively design something for you that is unique. You may require a working desk made to non-standard sizing or a solid wood high quality shelving unit to fit into an alcove and offer storage.

Solid Wood Furniture & Contemporary AccessoriesCustom cabinets are a great way to store all of your important documents and files, and they can also house or support any bulky equipment from fax machines and printers to copiers, your computer, endless wires and paper reams. At Puji we can create a custom-made storage unit in a beautiful contemporary design that will complement your home office.

Once you have all of your furniture in place in your home office your decor can easily be enhanced with the addition of a simple floral arrangement in a sleek vase. If you’re looking for a low maintenance feature, consider a contemporary floor vase with wispy willow or bamboo sticks.

You can also add a splash of colour with some soft cushions that are simple in design but made from an elegant fabric. Frame photos in modern, sleek frames and group them together for greater impact.

Adding a wall-mounted mirror will reflect natural light and really open up your space. A stunning mirror can create a focal point in the room.

Why not let Puji help you stay organised with our expansive selection of solid wood office furniture and contemporary accessories Click here to start shopping!



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