Spice up Your Kitchen with Banana Chairs

Why not spice up your kitchen with a brand new and exciting look this spring? Makeovers don’t have to cost the earth and simple changes such as updating your dining chairs can be very effective.  Especially if you are considering buying a stylish banana chair!  Moving away from those traditional wooden chairs is an instant way to make your kitchen more contemporary.

Banana chairs are not only good looking but their bright and modern charm blends beautifully when combined with rustic reclaimed wood products. Puji offer banana chairs to match both light and dark teak dining tables.  By matching the leg colour to the teak table a gorgeous look is captured.

For those wanting to achieve a lazy, informal and relaxed kitchen space, banana chairs really are the perfect option.  Why not consider combining a few banana chairs with a rustic teak bench – perfect for families with smaller children, or tight spaces?  It’s much easier to squeeze extra bottoms on benches! Combination seating adds an eclectic look to any dining space and in the kitchen this will create a stunning focal point.  You can also team your banana chairs with solid wood end chairs. This is a good option for those wanting to create a slightly more formal dining space.

Distinctive, beautiful, hand built, comfortable and great quality, are all words that best describe Puji banana chairs. Made by wrapping and weaving treated banana leaves around a solid wooden teak frame, these chairs are very durable.  The natural fibres are more flexible than most people imagine. This allows for some movement when you sit down making them a gorgeous place to rest!

The colours of the natural banana leaf give each chair individual character and these tones look spectacular and exotic when placed around wooden teak tables.  These chairs create a wonderful feature in the kitchen and dining room.

Why not browse our banana chairs and teak dining tables for inspiration on how to create a stylish and contemporary kitchen?

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