Statement pieces to create a focal point.

Statement pieces to create a focal point.

When searching for items for your living room, each piece should make you feel like your personality is reflected within them; this will help you create a room that you will just love and admire every time you see it. 

The main focal point of the living room is the coffee table, but why stop there? Each area of the living room can have statement pieces to make it  look luxuriously designed space


Statement pieces to create a focal point. The first item of living room furniture you should buy is the coffee table. This makes it easier for you to choose the rest of your furniture as it will all key in together. There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing your coffee table; you need it to be practical so it fits in with your day to day life and it also has to look gorgeous.


Statement pieces to create a focal point. When you think feature wall, you think of statement wallpaper; there are so many ways for you to create a statement wall and this is the perfect opportunity for you to think outside the box. Mirrors are beautiful and practical – they make your living room appear more spacious and they reflect light, which helps to create a beautiful ambience.

Wall Art

A unique piece of wall art can make your living room look contemporary and creative and wall art is a great choice if you want to add interest to this space.


You could choose a statement vase to create a focal point; floor vases stand tall and grand and make an empty corner look exciting and luxurious.


Statement pieces to create a focal point. Lighting is one the most important aspects to any room as it changes the atmosphere and sets the mood. So when shopping for lighting really look for the items that stand out because statement lighting will create a stunning focal point and will complete your living room.

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