Tableware Ideas for Summer Barbeques

Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware

Now the warm weather is upon us, thoughts of outdoor entertaining, al fresco dining and summer barbeques spring to mind.  There really is nothing better than having your friends or family over, enjoying a few cold drinks and tucking into some amazing grilled food.

When it comes to a summer barbeque, food is the main event and handmade bowls are a great way to display your appetizers while the meat is cooking.  Here, at Puji, we have a beautiful collection of handmade bowls and contemporary tableware which are ideal for alfresco events and will have your garden table looking inviting and stylish.  Below we have listed our top tableware picks:

Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware1)     Mango Wood Serving Board- Serve up a variety of cheeses and olives for guests to nibble on with this contemporary serving board; it really is the perfect dinner party accessory.



Handmade Table Runner - BBQ Tableware2)     Coco stick Table Runner- Add some style to your patio table by placing a table runner down the centre to place your serving bowls on.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware3)     Square Lacquered Serving Tray- Create a condiment tray so your guests have everything to hand and you won’t have to keep popping into the kitchen.  This lacquered tray not only looks great, it is easily wiped clean.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware4)     Bamboo Fruit Bowl- Create a table centrepiece with this striking lacquered bamboo fruit bowl, available in red, black or green.  Simply fill it with chunks of fresh bread to help keep your guests’ hunger at bay while the main course is being prepared.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware5)     Aqua Salad Bowl- No BBQ is complete without a salad or two. Our recycled bamboo bowls are available in fresh summer colours such as aqua and olive green.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware6)     Teak Snack Bowl- Handmade from natural teak wood, this lovely wooden party dish is divided into 3 compartments which are perfect for crisps and dips.  You could even use it after the main course has been served and fill it with nuts and after dinner treats.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware7)    Sono Placemats- If you’re having a sit down summer barbeque then add placemats to define seating spaces.  The handmade Sono placemats are an excellent protector for any garden table and are a great investment as you’re sure to use them at your next dinner party.  Crafted from light wood, these placemats are hard wearing and have a stunning mosaic pattern.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware8)    Bamboo Serving Bowls- These bowls are available in an array of sizes and are the perfect choice for serving crisps, dips and small side dishes.  Hand crafted from bamboo, they have been finished in a deep red lacquer which makes food look even more appetising.  What’s even better is that they are eco-friendly as bamboo is one of the most renewable resources.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware9)   Bamboo Serving Tray- Make sure you have a tray filled with cold drinks to hand out to your guests as they arrive.  Our bamboo serving trays are large in size and are ideal for serving guests with cocktails and canapés.  Food can even be presented directly on the tray, as the surface is food-safe.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware10)  Mango Wood Bread Board- This gorgeous wooden platter has handles that are embellished with brambles and flowers in aluminium and is a striking serving dish for an outdoor party.  Why not create an antipasti board filled with cured meats, olives, artichoke hearts, olives and mozzarella?


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