Teak and Mahogany Furniture

Teak and mahogany furniture is simply stunning and brings a touch of the exotic to your interior. Puji sell a stylish selection of teak and mahogany furniture for the contemporary home. Each piece of Puji teak and mahogany furniture has been beautifully crafted and demonstrates high standards of workmanship. As both teak and mahogany wood has a natural strength and durability, our eye-catching furniture pieces can even be passed down for the next generation to admire and enjoy. Timeless and distinctive, it is easy to see why is so appealing.

About Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is a highly durable, sought after wood, which has been used in furniture making for generations. It is a beautiful wood with an attractive grain and looks wonderful either left natural or stained to a mid-brown or a classic dark colour. Teak is one of the hardest woods there is and is often used in garden furniture or boat building because it has a natural oil, which makes the wood highly resistant.

Much of Puji’s teak furniture is hand-crafted from reclaimed teak which has a timeless appeal and elegance. Reclaimed teak from Indonesia is a very high quality timber which is rich in history. Subtle variations and intriguing marks in the wood, such as tiny cracks or nail holes, gives each furniture piece warmth and character.

As most reclaimed teak has been air-drying for decades, the wood is less likely to bend, warp or twist. It means each of Puji’s stunning reclaimed teak furniture pieces can last for a lifetime or more. Puji has a superb range of contemporary teak furniture for the sitting room, bedroom, dining room, hallway and office. As teak furniture is so beautiful, it makes a wonderful focal point.

Puji’s eye-catching teak furniture range includes beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dining room tables, chairs, side tables, side boards, book-cases, coffee tables, TV and audio units, shoe racks, desks, book cases, shelving units, cupboards and more.

About Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany has long been a popular wood for furniture-making and has a richness and elegance which makes it so appealing. This attractive wood has a superb natural dark colour, although younger wood has a pink or reddish colour. It is often used in high-quality cabinet and furniture making and never goes out of fashion.

What is so wonderful about Mahogany furniture is that it oozes luxury and sophistication – it is often used on lavish yachts. Mahogany has also long been used in musical instrument making, particularly for the backs and sides of acoustic guitars because it produces a deep, warm tone.

Mahogany produces beautiful furniture that looks stunning in the dining room, living room, bedroom or office. It has a natural strength, so furniture stands the test of time. Puji sells a stunning range of mahogany furniture including side tables, side boards, chests, beds, chairs, lamp tables and cupboards to suit all styles of interior.

The Beauty of Combining Mahogany and Teak

Furniture created from a combination of mahogany and teak is exotic and distinctive. It looks striking in any part of the home and is a wonderfully contemporary combination. These two beautiful woods are commonly used in Indonesian furniture. Although each has its own individual characteristics, both have a similar rough texture. Mahogany is generally reddish brown in colour and teak is yellowish brown and more durable than mahogany.

The combination of the two tropical hardwoods in one piece of furniture adds style and individuality to your home. It looks wonderful in any part of the home including the hallway, bedroom, dining room and living room and is sure to become a talking point. Furniture made from mahogany and teak is not only beautiful, but hard wearing too.

The Puji Mahogany and Teak Collections

Puji has a superb range of furniture collections that combine these stunning exotic hardwoods. Mahogany and teak furniture is very contemporary and will make a striking addition to your home.

The Jaya Range

The Jaya furniture range has a stylish contemporary two-tone design and features stunning textured fronts. Each beautifully hand-crafted piece is distinctive and elegant and is sure to make an impact.

Puji’s popular and extensive Jaya range includes a complete range of teak and mahogany bedroom furniture including bed, dressing table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, mirror, cupboard, bedside table, Jaya screen and beautiful bench seat – which also looks fantastic in the hallway along with the Jaya shoe cabinet.

The Jaya teak and mahogany living room furniture collection includes coffee tables, side tables, book case, CD chest and plasma TV units.

For the dining room, the matching Jaya table, chairs, buffet table and console table will create a wonderful contemporary look. The Jaya desk and book case looks striking in the home/office.

The Alka Range

The Alka range gives a distinctive and stylish look to your living or dining room and can really enhance your home. It features hand-carved textured panels and meticulous attention to detail.

Stylish and contemporary, the Alka solid wood sideboard has two cupboard sections and three central drawers with concealed finger grooves. It also has a large top surface to display treasured items. It is also suitable for the living room and can be teamed with the two tone Alka plasma TV unit which has plenty of storage including a central area for DVDs and set top boxes.

The stylish Alka side table has hand-crafted textured panels made from teak, and a warm mahogany frame. Also in this range is the simple but elegant lamp table, made to excellent standards, which is is ideal for the bedroom or living room.

Olympia Range

Hand-made from a combination of teak and mahogany, the distinctive Olympia range adds an exotic touch to your home. It has a sleek design and features beautiful textured fronts and looks striking in any interior.

The Olympia range includes a superb three-drawer shoe rack, which can be teamed with the wonderfully stylish Olympia bench seat in the hallway.

In the sitting room, the Olympia plasma TV unit and coffee table, and side table will create a contemporary look to this sociable room in the home. The console, sideboard and buffets will make a stunning impact in the dining room. You can also create a tropical feel to your office with the sleek Olympia desk.

Mediterania Range

Puji’s Mediterania range has been created to high quality standards and is hand-crafted from Mahogany and finished to a rich chocolate colour. It has distinctive and intricate carved detailing and will suit all home decors, particularly if you want to give your home an exotic, but minimalist look.

The Mediterania chest of drawers has three full-width and two half-width drawers and will suit all styles of homes. We also have the Mediterania side table with three handy storage drawers.

Berlin Range

The Berlin range features a wonderful mix of teak and mahogany and makes a striking statement. Furniture in this stylish range has been handcrafted and stained for an individual feel. It features a stunning rich chocolate frame and textured carved detailing.

The beautiful two-tone solid dark mahogany Berlin bed has a distinctive panelled and textured headboard. It can be teamed with the three drawer chest which can suit almost any style of interior. Complete the look with the full length Berlin mirror.

Other furniture items in this range include the stylish and minimalist Berlin sideboard in a two tone design with a mahogany frame. This superb furniture piece is ideal for the sitting room or dining room and offers plenty of storage with two shelved cupboards, open middle sections and drawer.

The telephone table has a drawer with no handles, to keep the look sleek and elegant. It looks superb in the hallway. The useful and practical Berlin nest of tables adds a wonderful touch to your living area.

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