Teak Beds

Teak Beds - Solid Wood, Contemporary Furniture

As we spend about a third of our lives asleep, the bed is one of the most important furniture purchases to make. The bed also forms the focal point of your bedroom so it is vital to choose this piece of furniture carefully.

Whatever type of bed frame is best for you, it is important to choose quality so that your bed can last a lifetime. Make sure that it has a strong structure, which can support your mattress and weight.

There are so many options to choose from, that selecting the right one can be a hard decision to make. Types of beds vary from canopy or four-poster, sleigh beds, carved beds and platform beds.

For many people, wooden beds are the beds of choice because they are robust and strong.

Why Choose Teak?

Teak is a stunning, exotic hard wood with rich grain patterns, interesting character marks and deep colours. This makes it an ideal wood of choice for architects, designers, builders and manufacturers as it produces solid wood furniture that is sturdy, durable and easy to maintain.

Teak wood has been used for centuries as it is extremely hard wearing and contains natural oils that can tolerate years of use. It is available in almost any style and a large range of finishes to suit all interior types.

At Puji we look to the Orient for inspiration. We have a collection of  teak beds for all bedroom styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. All our beds are made using traditional mortise and tenon joints and are built to last. We also ensure that our teak timber is sourced ethically and we use reclaimed teak wherever possible.

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