Teak Bookshelves – Beautiful Ways to Organise Your Books

Teak bookcases can be a lovely addition to your living space or home office. When we think wooden bookcases, we conjure up images of plain, boring shelving units.  But gone are the days of lacquered pine and dull designs.  There are some wonderful teak bookshelves that can become a feature of your living room, dining room, home office, or even your hallway space.

Teak Bookshelves – Puji’s top tips on how to organise your books to create the perfect library space

Puji offer a selection of  solid wood decorative bookcases with stunning eye-catching designs crafted from reclaimed teak, mahogany and oak.  These will look fantastic in any interior.  Some feature intricate fretwork to give a feel of the Orient, others have different sized compartments to give them a modular effect, whilst others have both shelving and drawer/cupboard combinations. Whichever design you choose you can use your new bookcase to create that focal point your room needs.  For example, why not display your books in an artful way with objects from your travels or treasured trinkets amongst them?

This article will look at beautiful ways to display your books on teak bookshelves and other ways to make the most out of this furniture item.

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Artful Bookcase Displays

If you’re feeling creative why not give your bookcase an artful display?  You don’t have to be rigid with your books, just follow a few ideas and you’ll soon have a book display that’s as interesting as the titles and authors.

  • Position your books in size order – not only will it be orderly but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Arrange them in terms of colour – if the bookshelf is split into sections, you can have white books in one section, blue in another, red in another etc.
  • Arrange them in terms of hardbacks, paperbacks etc (this way you will also find it easy to find your books).
  • Arrange them in terms of subject – eg. interior design books in one section, reference books another etc.

Other Items to Display on Bookshelves

Teak bookcases are ideal furniture pieces to  display your decorative accessories on, family photos and even items from your travels.

  • Ornaments look great displayed on shelves and you can dress yours to suit the theme of your room.  For the Oriental room, add Buddhas and small carvings.  For the contemporary home, a sleek vase and candles will look stunning.
  • Lighting – Adding a small lamp on a shelf can look very dramatic in the evening when lit.  The light will bounce off the wood and look very striking.
  • Photographs in different sized and styled frames not only look interesting but creates a warm, family orientated focal point.  Your guests will find themselves drawn to look at the different images and it will open up lots of conversations.
  • Multi-Purpose – If your bookcase is separated into compartments, why not use some to display your best books and others for your decorative items to give your unit a dual practical purpose?

Other Uses of Bookshelves

If you need storage elsewhere in the house teak bookshelves can work in lots of other ways. For example, or towels, pillowcases and sheets in the hallway

  • In the playroom where you can never have enough storage, bookcases are perfect, and you can easily add a few storage boxes in them to separate toys.
  • If you have a large open space, a bookcase can even work as a room divider to define different areas. Or for a modern living room, a low bookcase looks amazing behind a sofa with a few display items on.
  • Add a stylish bookcase to your bathroom and you have a contemporary way to display your fluffy bath towels.
  • A bookcase in an upstairs hallway with cupboards can be perfect for storing spare bed sheets, linen and pillows.  The shelved top half can then hold your favourite novels, or even some accessories.

Bespoke Bookshelves

Teak Bookshelves – Puji’s top tips on how to organise your books to create the perfect library spaceWe all have those awkward alcoves and recesses, and a made to measure teak bookcase is a great solution.  It means you will get the most from your space with a piece designed to fit and suit your needs.  Why not think of adding a bookcase with different options? Combinations of cupboards, shelves and drawers are brilliant for storage.

Puji offer a wide selection of bookcases, display units and a made to measure service.

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