Teak Furniture – Beat those Winter Blues

When it is cold and dark outside, you tend to spend more time indoors and a beautiful home with teak furniture provides the perfect environment to relax in.  Your idea of unwinding this winter may be curling up under a cosy throw watching TV or burying your head in a good book, or it could be that you want spend the winter months hosting drinks parties and entertaining. However you like to spend your time, if you are looking at updating your interior with teak furniture this winter, here are some of our top tips on how to beat those winter blues.

The first step towards re-decorating is to take a good look at your home as if you are seeing it for the first time. Is it becoming too over-run with clutter that you either need a good clear out or could do with some new teak furniture for storage? Does your home look cosy and welcoming and is it a place you – and your visitors – want to spend time in? Sometimes creating a home is not just about buying quality furniture, but it is also about the little details – like flowers, ornaments, throws and candles.

Here we shall take a look at how to beat those winter blues and create the perfect environment to spend time in.

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Making Your Living Room Cosy and Welcoming

Teak furniture makes a living room cosy and welcoming as it adds beauty to any environment. It fits in with almost any colour scheme and the wood can be finished in a colour of your choice.

However, buying teak furniture is not all about the colour of the wood, as the design is just as important too. When you are buying a new furniture item for the living room, think about what would make this environment more comfortable; for example, you may want a TV cabinet with extra storage for all those DVDs and remote controls. Perhaps a coffee table with space for books or magazines will make life easier? Or do you need a display cabinet for side lamps, vases, books, photos and ornaments? Think about what you want to display and what you’d prefer to tidy away.

Creating a homely and inviting environment is not just about replacing the furniture; it’s all the extra details too. You don’t have to go all out and buy new furniture to create the right atmosphere as maybe a colourful picture will brighten up a space or a pair of cosy throws, lighting and a few scented candles.

Puji sell a wide range of teak and other hardwood furniture for homes or businesses, and we have a complete range of accessories to complement your choice. With Puji, you can create the perfect environment to relax or entertain in this winter.

Making Your Dining Room a Fantastic Space for Entertaining

To make your dining room a great space for entertaining, first think about the sort of table your guests would want to sit at. Would you prefer a traditional rectangular teak dining table or do you want to go for a more relaxed style, such as a round or square table? Consider what would make you feel more comfortable and which type of table would suit the space you have available.

Before you choose your table, think about what seating you would prefer. Your choice of seating is as equally important as the table – in some cases more so – as you want your guests to feel at ease at the dinner table. Think about which chairs you consider to be the best for entertaining: teak chairs, leather chairs, or do you prefer woven chairs for an individual look?

Artwork can also turn this space from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ and, for a more contemporary dining room, you may want to choose bright modern prints or paintings that add to the ambiance. Pick out some of the colours in artwork to include in the items you use to dress your table – such as serving bowls, attractive crockery and glassware, or a beautiful vase of flowers – as this will help bring the whole look together and create an amazing space for hosting dinner parties.

Making Your Bedroom Relaxing and Inviting

If you want to beat the winter blues, it is vital your bedroom is a place of tranquillity, so you can get a full night’s rest and wake up calm and refreshed the following day. Dark nights and cold frosty mornings aren’t much fun at this time of year and it can put you off spending time outdoors. That’s why January is the perfect time to turn your attentions inwards, to the interior of your home, and transform it into an environment you look forward to spending time in.

Winter time often means spending a few extra hours in bed; either sleeping or cosying up under the duvet with a good book. So to create just the right environment to beat the winter blues, avoid a disordered bedroom with clothes flung everywhere and invest in adequate storage with enough drawers and hanging space for your clothes. Teak furniture is a great option for a bedroom as it is so solid, sturdy and dependable, and it looks stunning too!

Complete the look by accessorising this space with items of beauty such as a floor vase made from natural materials, or opt for more practical items such as an attractive bowl to store hair accessories or make up. Scented candles and lighting create mood and atmosphere and a statue of Buddha is ideal for the bedroom as it symbolises many things including peace, compassion and inner wisdom.

Teak Furniture – click here to browse our full range

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