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A New Year means a brand new start and, if your New Year Resolutions include revamping your home with teak furniture, January 2013 is the perfect time to think ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

Teak furniture is known for its beauty and durability and, as most of our furniture is handmade at our workshop in Java, Indonesia, shopping from Puji means you will own something truly unique. It also means you start the year with a clear conscience as much of our furniture is made from reclaimed teak – so no trees have been cut down to make it!

If you have plans to restyle your interior in the New Year, see below to discover our room by room tips on how teak furniture and elegant handmade accessories can bring a fresh new look to your home.

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Styling the Home with Teak Furniture


The hallway is as an introduction to your home and, as it’s the first place visitors see, it should be stylish and organised – so make sure you clear this space of any clutter. There are all sorts of storage furniture you can buy that is suitable for the hallway; shoes can be hidden from view in teak shoe racks or cupboards, for example, and toys can be stored in solid teak chests.

It’s not just the furniture that you should consider, but also all the little details that help make an interior more homely, so put a pretty jar or bowl out for coins for the male members of the family to use when they empty their pockets at the end of the day. Other top tips include having a shelf either above or underneath the coat hooks, so it can be used to store handbags or school bags.

Hallways are usually pretty dark spaces but there are a number of things you can do to improve the look of this area. A vase of flowers looks beautiful in the hall and a mirror or lighting will instantly make this area appear brighter.

Living Area

As you start the New Year take a fresh look at this area and think about the teak storage furniture you may need. For example, do you want a teak bookcase to display your favourite books, photographs or ornaments? Or do you want a teak coffee table with drawers under to store your lap-top or magazines?

Buying teak furniture and accessories for the living room, or anywhere else in the home, is about personalising this area. The aim is not only to make this room homely and liveable, but beautiful too. One way to make this space your own is to invest in individual, quirky items such as a teak root stool or a teak wheel sculpture, as these items look striking and are sure to become a talking point.

On the other hand, if your living area is destined to be more of a family room, think about making this space practical with robust teak furniture. Teak coffee tables with storage, TV cabinets with drawers of cupboards under and teak chests for toys are all fantastic buys for the family orientated living room.

Dining Space

Approach the dining space in a similar way as you would with the living room: take a look at this area with new eyes. Does your existing table and chairs look tired and worn? If so, think about revamping this area with a new table and chairs.  Teak tables and chairs are long lasting so they are extremely practical for a dining space. Think about whether storage furniture is needed too. You may want a bookshelf or display cabinet to show those attractive items of crockery and to store items such as table cloths, table runners, place mats and coasters.

Bedroom Area

Sometimes when you are doing up a home, the bedroom area gets neglected as this is the space that visitors don’t see. The first step is to consider what you feel would make a dream bedroom. Is your ideal bedroom a Chinese themed room, a Japanese style Zen room, a glamorous bedroom with a sleigh or four poster bed, or a rustic bedroom?

When it comes to revamping the bedroom with teak furniture, start with the bed and work around it. Buy a good quality, sturdy teak bed frame and invest in the best mattress you can afford to help you get a good night’s rest. Next, think about the storage essentials, such as wardrobes, bedside tables and chests of drawers. The bedroom should be a practical space, so if you like to spend a lot of time styling your hair and putting make up on, consider investing in a dressing table. If your bedroom is where you feel the most creative, you might want to put a desk in this room. Think about what makes you happy and you are well on the way to creating the perfect bedroom.

About Puji

Puji sell a beautiful range of teak furniture and accessories to create the perfect interior in the New Year.

Teak Furniture – click here to browse our full range

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