Teak Furniture – Combining it With the Latest Colour Trends

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Once you have chosen the perfect teak furniture for your home then you need to choose your colour theme.  A combination of neutrals and soft colours is the safest option when decorating but this season the trend is for colour, and lots of it. Your home is your haven, your escape from the outside world, so it should also be the place where you can experiment and be spontaneous with colour, making it into a home that gives you a lift every time you lay your eyes on it.

Teak Furniture – Combining it With the Latest Colour Trends So instead of choosing your usual colour scheme, you can go for a bright and uniquely different theme so even on the dullest of days you feel happy and positive.  It is a proven fact that your interior decor has an effect on your mood, so introducing a splash of bright pinks, reds, oranges, blues and greens will definitely bring some excitement into your life.

Light teak furniture in your home can make your home feel larger and airier, and works well with light, bright colours such as orange to inject some character into the room. If painting a whole room or wall feels like too much, using different textures and fabrics in your favourite colours will help your home to feel more homey and cosy – even if it’s just a few cushions to sink into after a long day at work.

Teak Furniture – Combining it With the Latest Colour TrendsAlternatively, dark teak furniture creates a rich and warm atmosphere. Combining it with strong colours just emphasises the beauty of the wood.   Rich purples and luxurious turquoises, for example, complement dark teak perfectly, and are ideal in a bedroom.


If your current interior cannot take such a statement colour then a lovely subtle colour combination is pinks and lime greens – these colours are feminine yet fresh and a perfect contrast to use all year round.

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