Teak Furniture – How to Maximise Space in Your Home

Nowadays when you buy a new home – especially a new build – space is at a premium, so you may have to settle for smaller rooms for your teak furniture, or a home with little, or no, cupboard space.

It’s not just the case for new builds either. If you are moving from the country into central London, you’ll get less property for your money which means you may be forced to downsize. A four bedroom house in Chelsea, for example, can set you back just over £3 million, whereas a four bedroom house – with land – in a sought after area of rural Suffolk will cost you just over £1 million.  A move into central London often means compromising on space.

If you are downsizing, you’ll want to make the most of what you have. To do this, the first step, before furnishing, is to look at the whole property, top to bottom, and decide how you are going to use each of the rooms.  This means that, although a room is described as a dining space or drawing room, don’t feel this is what it should be used for. You may decide the room will work better as a spare bedroom, an office, or even a music room; whatever suits your lifestyle.

As you take a good look at your new home, you may find some surprising areas to make the most of. A large space beneath the stairs, for instance, can be used to put a cupboard, a desk, or can even be transformed into a hobbies zone.

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Top Tips on How Make the Most of Your Space

1.      Decide on the Rooms – Think about how you are going to use each room and bear in mind that you don’t have to keep to traditional layouts. In the living room, for example, you may not necessarily want the sofas and chairs facing towards the TV, especially if you don’t watch it very often. If you are likely to have a household with lots of visitors, you may want a room layout that is a more suitable for your guests, so you can seat several people comfortably. If this is the case, it may be worth having stackable stools in a corner, or you could even go for brightly coloured cube seats that create a focal point when not in use.

2.      Zoning Areas – For very small spaces, or open plan rooms, you may want to think about zoning areas. With an open plan kitchen and reception room, for example, if you have the space, you’ll probably want to create a dining area with small table (or an extendable or foldaway table) in addition to the seating area. If the space is big enough, you may want to add an office space too. However, this could mean you’ll have to make certain compromises, such as having a smaller desk for example, or a desk matched with a chair with storage under.

3.      Multi-Use Furniture – Multi-use furniture is a must for small spaces. Think about how you can vary the function of certain types of furniture. Your dining table may double up as a desk, for example. A teak chest can also be used as a coffee table, or seating area. A side table can also be used as a stool, or even feature as a work of art. And, if you want your home office to double up as a guest room, the most practical option is to put a sofa bed in this space.

4.      Make a Plan – It’s important to plan out each room and decide where you’re going to put the furniture. It sounds obvious, but make sure you and your family can walk around the furniture without bumping into it and avoid blocking main exits and entrances. In addition to this, all the furniture you buy should be easily accessible. So, when you measure up, allow for extra space so you can easily pull-out the drawers or open the cupboards. Positioning the furniture in the right area makes the space more practical. So, keep adjusting your plan until you’ve found the right balance.

5.      Storage Areas – If your home has limited built-in storage, there is a wide range of storage furniture on the market. These include sofas with storage at the base, in the arms, or in the back, and beds that lift up to reveal space beneath. If you don’t have a lift-up bed, it’s also possible to buy pretty storage boxes to go under the bed, to store items such as towels, belts, socks and underwear etc.

6.      Bespoke furniture – If you can’t find what you need on our site, Puji can make furniture in the dimensions of your choice – and at low cost too. Most of the furniture on the Puji website can be made-to-measure and we also create individual or one-off items too.

About Puji

Puji specialise in beautiful reclaimed teak furniture and most of our furniture pieces have been handmade in our factory in Java, Indonesia. We have a wide range of furniture for the home, including: beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing tables, side tables, coffee tables, dining room tables, chairs, desks, bookcases, display cabinets, console tables, wooden chests, cabinets, and accessories. To find out more, click on the link below.

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