Teak Furniture: Innovative Ways of Using Display Cabinets for Storage

If you are looking to buy teak furniture for your home, there are a variety of display cabinets and bookshelves in fantastic contemporary designs to create a wonderful focal point, whichever room they’re in.

Although the most popular use for solid wood bookshelves and bookcases is to display your favourite books, this is not the only use and it is surprising how versatile these teak furniture items are.

If you love fashion and are creative, beautiful contemporary solid wood bookshelves can be used to display your finest shoes, scarves and handbags. Team it with the correct use of lighting and you have an alternative to a walk-in wardrobe that will make you the envy of your friends.

If you have an open plan house or apartment, a contemporary bookshelf can display your best books and ornaments and also act as a room divider. Use it to separate the study from the living room area, the living and dining room, or even a bedroom from the living room. This works particularly well if you have a contemporary apartment (such as a factory or warehouse conversion).

Teak bookshelves and bookcases can also have an alternative use in a traditional home too. As teak is water resistant, you can use a teak bookshelf in the bathroom to put towels or linens on. Or, if your teak bookshelf won’t fit in the bathroom, it will look just as good in the corridor – especially if you are careful to organise the shelves so your linen and towels look neat and tidy.

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