Teak Furniture –Low Cost Ways to Give an Interior a New Lease of Life

If you have lived in the same home for some time (generally five years or more) you may feel your interior is beginning to look tired and dated and is in need of a fresh new look. If you have the budget and want to spruce up your home, it’s a good idea to replace tired old furniture pieces, or flat back furniture, with investment pieces such as brand new teak furniture. However, if you don’t have a big-scale budget and are looking for a low cost way to revamp your interior, sometimes just changing the layout of a room or investing in one or two key furniture pieces and accessories is all that’s needed to give your home a brand new lease of life.

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Six Low Cost Ways on How to Revamp Your Interior This Spring

Here’s Puji’s top tips on budget ways to revamp your home and create a fantastic new living space this spring.

  1. Re-organising the Furniture – Did you know that simple changes, such as moving furniture around or even moving a few key pieces into a different room, can achieve amazing results? A few small changes can really open up a room, making it look much bigger than it actually is. Sometimes a large item such as a chest of drawers, desk, or cupboard moved to a different place – such as the other side of the room – will give the illusion of a larger floor space.
  2.  Changing the Use of a Room – Instead of moving home, you may want to think about other ways to use your existing space. If you have a box room used as an office, for example, you could move the desk into an existing bedroom (if it’s big enough). This will free up the box room for another use. The space could then serve as a hobbies area, children’s playroom, or teenage chill-out zone, and you could add a sofa bed to accommodate guests.
  3.  Brighten Up a Space By Zoning Areas – If you have an open plan space, you can use accessories to zone certain areas. This will brighten up the space and give it a whole new look. One way to zone an area is to use contemporary rugs for each zone. Alternatively, you could separate an area with a display cabinet or bookcase, which is a simple, but effective way to give a space a brand new look.
  4.  Investing in Key Furniture Pieces for Storage – Investing in a few well chosen furniture pieces will give you more storage space and mean you’ll have less clutter on display. Some good ideas for storage are shoe cupboards, which you can place in the hallway to prevent shoes becoming a tripping hazard. Other options are side tables with storage under, such as a mini trunks, which can be used to put books or magazines in, to prevent them cluttering up the house.
  5.  Revamp Your Home with Contemporary Accessories – Sometimes, just changing a few accessories, such as putting a new throw on a bed or investing in a new rug or table lamp, can do wonders for a room. Puji sell beautiful contemporary accessories that really brighten up a space. These include sculptures, bowls, artwork and soft furnishings, such as contemporary cushions and throws. Changing the accessories is a low cost way of revamping your interior.
  6.  Investing in Multi-Use Furniture – Furniture doesn’t just have to be used in the way it’s described, as it can have a number of different uses. A side table can double up as seating, a display cabinet can also serve as a room divider and a chest can double up as a coffee table. You can use a console table as a desk and a teak bookcase or display cabinet placed in a corridor, bathroom, or utility room, can serve as a creative way to store your towels or bedding. Think outside the box and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can come up with.

About Puji

Puji is a London-based company that specialises in solid wood furniture, particularly handmade teak furniture for homes and businesses. We sell contemporary furniture pieces for the living room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, drawing room, home office, kitchen and dining room, and a wide range of coordinating accessories that will brighten up your home this spring.

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