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Teak Furniture | Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Investing in teak furniture is an excellent choice to make as teak is a very high quality hardwood. Teak is a warm rich golden brown colour, sometimes with a reddish hint. It’s touchable texture, beautiful surface appearance and durability make it a popular choice for high quality, long lasting furniture.

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Teak trees can grow to 40m high and can live for around 100 years if not felled before. Most teak is harvested when the tree is around forty years old, since this provides good quality wood in the centre of the log, which is the oldest part. The older the wood, the better, since the grain is closer and the fibres are stronger. This makes it more durable – and justly more expensive. Solid teak furniture made out of old, high quality teak will last for a very long time.

At Puji we use reclaimed teak, which is made from old-growth wood, often more than 40 years old. In Indonesia, old Colonial buildings are being de-constructed in favour of modern-style designs. We reclaim the teak from the old buildings and reuse it to make a selection of solid wood furniture. Reclaimed teak has been well seasoned and aired for over 100 years in many cases. This means that the wood is unlikely to warp or crack, and it adds to the durability of the timber. Reclaimed teak has a beautiful rustic weathered look that adds a depth of history and character to a piece of furniture for your home.

Environmentalists these days are against teak furniture made of newly cut wood since it can lead to deforestation and be harmful to a country. Using reclaimed timber is a very eco-conscious choice, as it reuses old materials, giving them new life.

What makes teak particularly special over other timbers is that it has natural preserving oils in the wood that prevent rot and insect attack. It can survive in the outdoors without any finish and it gets better with age outside, developing a beautiful silvery sheen. Anyone that values the natural look and texture of unfinished wood will greatly appreciate teak’s durability in its unfinished state and should use it to its best advantage.

However it can also be stained to a dark finish for a very different effect. Teak has a solid robust aesthetic because of its texture, and darkening the wood lends it a more dramatic feel.

The price of teak varies according to grade and availability in the country. The main teak plantations are in Indonesia and India and other parts of South-East Asia. In general teak is more expensive than softwoods including pine, and more affordable than rare exotic hardwoods such as mahogany. Teak furniture matures in its monetary value as it ages. Much of the Danish furniture made in the 1930s-50s was made from teak and this is now very popular as vintage furniture. It has lasted very well because of the durability of the timber. This goes to show that any teak pieces you buy now can survive in a good condition, and in 60 years’ time will be worth more than you paid for it.

Therefore, when buying teak furniture it’s a good idea to choose a timeless design that will not become outdated in the years to come. Puji designs have an ageless quality about them, and we have a good selection of pieces for every room in the house.

If you’re looking for furniture to invest in that will survive the ages, rather than pieces that will fall apart in a few years – choose solid teak furniture and you will be satisfied for life.

Teak Furniture | Reclaimed Teak Furniture


Teak Furniture – click here to go shopping!

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