Teak furniture Style Guide

Teak furniture style guide: light teak, dark teak and the looks it can create

Teak Furniture - Dark Teak and Light Teak Furniture

Teak is naturally a light golden brown colour. It does not require a finish for protection, but can be coated with a dark stain according to taste or decor. At Puji we understand that most people have a preference, some prefer dark furniture whilst others like lighter coloured wood depending on the style and décor of their home. Here at Puji we can offer you either light or dark finishes on virtually all of our wood products, including teak furniture.

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Light teak and dark teak create very different impressions in a room. Small spaces can be made to look bigger with lighter colours. When teak is left unstained, there is a natural rawness to the wood that is particularly interesting. The wood has rich earthy green, red and copper tones that run through the grain, and no two pieces are the same. Light teak furniture can also look more modern than its darker wood counterpart, so it works well in a stylish contemporary home. Choose natural teak pieces, in a timeless, classic design to create an elegant sophisticated look. The individuality and exuberance of teak furniture looks beautiful in any environment – whether you have a modern or more traditional style home.

A modern living room lends itself perfectly to the Box Coffee Table; with its compact stow away table it is flexible and the design is space-aware. For those who prefer a more traditional setting the Henry coffee table may be the perfect choice. This piece is adapted from the old farmhouse design and features a chunky top and shelf.

Light teak can look very contemporary when complemented by warm colour tones on the walls. Check out our natural teak dining teables and browse through the pictures to see for yourself how the warm yellows and light peach tones on the walls bring out the warmth of the wood. Using red in your décor will bring out the darker tones of the natural unfinished wood, creating a more striking feel.

Dark wood furniture has recently become a very popular choice; these tones work especially well with neutral floors and walls and can enhance any space, adding a warmth and presence which is both cosy and inspiring, relaxing and tranquil. There is a certain elegance that only dark wood can capture; and a solid robustness that translates itself in rich and welcoming tones.  The darker tones of stained teak are full bodied and neutral, making it transferable to any setting and suited to all colour schemes.

Teak Furniture - Dark Teak and Light Teak Furniture

Dark wood furniture works well in any home design – whether it is period, classical, modern or contemporary – and can be dressed up or down depending on your choice of accessories.   Exaggerate the arresting look with a light colour on the walls and white tableware.

Our reclaimed teak beds are a popular choice due to the strength and durability of the timber and its beautiful grain. We have teak beds in double, king and super king mattress sizes with matching wardrobes and bedroom furniture to complete your desired look.

When considering teak furniture for the bedroom, decide upon the look you wish to create, and go for it. Is yours a morning bedroom or an evening one? Dark teak beds such as theArc bed lend a wonderful sexy striking look for the evening, whereas light designs such as the Horizon Bed feel as bright as a summer’s morning. For a balance between the two, use contrasting bed sheets or add furniture of a different colour next to the bed.

At Puji, we have brought together an extensive range of both light and dark teak furniture and have collections to suit traditional and contemporary styles. Our teak furniture collections include Beds, Bedside cabinets, Drawer sets, Wardrobes, Dressing tables and Seating.

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