Teak Kitchen Furniture – Beautiful and Contemporary Dining Furniture

If you are looking for stylish teak kitchen furniture, Puji sell a stunning range of tables and chairs in stunning exotic hardwoods such as teak and mahogany.  Puji specialises in teak wood furniture hand crafted in Indonesia because it is such a superb choice for the home as it has a natural beauty in the grain and each piece is made with great attention to detail. As it is so hard-wearing it will remain an elegant focal point for many years to come.

Puji sell a variety of teak kitchen furniture in modern and contemporary styles including square, round, extendable and rectangular dining tables with a range of seating to match including solid wood, woven, leather upholstered and wooden benches. Here we have compiled an easy guide to choosing teak kitchen furniture and give you some great reasons why you should invest in solid wood furniture.

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Teak Kitchen Furniture – How do I Choose a kitchen Table?

If you are thinking of giving your home a makeover with teak kitchen furniture this season, at first you may be overwhelmed by the endless choices that are available. The first step is to look at the space in your kitchen that you can allocate for dining. Some kitchens have a set area for a kitchen or breakfast table which may be at one side of the kitchen, or you may have enough room for a table in the centre of your kitchen. Some homes, usually new builds, have kitchen/diners or open plan kitchens and living areas, so you may have to be a bit more creative and opt for a different shape of table.

As a rule larger rooms are more suited to rectangular tables and square or round tables generally suit smaller rooms. You can also choose an extendable dining table if you are expecting guests fairly regularly. Puji’s teak kitchen furniture has tables to suit all kitchens. Our range includes the Kotak Natural Round Dining Table which is suitable for smaller kitchen/diners and our Indah Natural Dining Table which is ideal for a more imposing kitchen and is available in five sizes. If you would prefer an extendable dining table to accommodate more guests as and when needed then our Henry Natural Extending Dining Table offers the perfect style solution.

Teak Kitchen Furniture – Which Wood is Best for the Kitchen?

If you are choosing solid wood kitchen furniture you will be faced with a multitude of different timbers in a variety of finishes. Pine, oak, ash, mahogany, maple, walnut and teak kitchen furniture are just some of the possible selections.

Out of all these choices teak is one of the best options for the kitchen because it is so beautiful and hard-wearing. Teak is an appealing exotic hardwood with a natural rich honey colour and an attractive straight grain, so it will make a wonderful focal point in your kitchen. It is also a very robust wood which makes it a popular option for the kitchen, especially in busy family homes, as your tables and chairs are likely to be in constant use throughout the day.
Another benefit of teak kitchen furniture is that is available in a variety of different finishes and can be stained to a mid-brown or dark colour to match your kitchen cabinets or left natural for a rustic look.

Teak Kitchen Furniture – What Style of Chair Should I Select?

Once you have chosen your teak kitchen table, there are many different styles of chair to choose from. First decide how you want your kitchen to look. For example, do you want a relaxed kitchen diner, a more formal one, or a more practical kitchen? For more relaxed and trendy feel try woven chairs such as Puji’s Banana Natural Leg Chair. If you want a more formal appearance to your kitchen leather upholstered chairs such as the Mino Natural 7-Slat Chair look great in this space and the leather seating provides additional comfort. For a more practical look to your kitchen, choose wooden chairs and/or benches. Benches are ideal if you have a large family with lots of young children as they are so accommodating and easy to clean. For example any spills or food messes on the Henry Natural Bench can be wiped free of dirt with a damp cloth. Teak wooden benches are also a great choice for a busy family home which expects lots of visitors, as diners just have to shuffle up to provide an extra seating space.

Teak Kitchen Furniture – Why Is Teak a Good Investment?

Teak has been used in furniture making for generations and is increasing in popularity every year. It has a history that dates back centuries when the Chinese used it for shipbuilding. The British realised that teak was resistant to rot and infestation, and began using teak for their own ships. Even the illustrious ocean liner the Queen Mary was built using 1000 tonnes of teak. Teak was eventually used for furniture making in the UK, particularly outdoor furniture, because it is so resilient. Today the biggest exporter of teak is Java, Indonesia, which produces some of the highest quality teak in the world.

Solid wood and in particular teak furniture is generally more expensive than other types of kitchen furniture such as plastic, or metal. However, it is well worth investing in because it is a kitchen classic and is extremely sturdy. Teak timber is highly resistant to the bangs, knocks and scratches it is exposed to during everyday family life. As it is so easy to maintain, a teak kitchen furniture piece will last for generations. By investing in high quality teak kitchen furniture you will make a considerable saving in the long run as you do not have to replace your table and chairs in a few years’ time.

Teak Kitchen Furniture – I Like My Furniture to be Eco-Friendly, Is Teak the Right Choice?

Puji teak kitchen furniture is a very eco-friendly choice as you don’t have to worry about its impact on the environment. Much of our furniture is made using reclaimed wood which means that no trees have been cut down to produce our furniture range. And by recycling old wood in this way it also reduces the amount of waste timber. Our highly skilled craftsmen carefully transform each item of reclaimed timber into modern, contemporary furniture pieces that will brighten and improve your home.

Here at Puji we also have ranges that have been certified by the international organisation, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is committed to responsible forestry. All FSC certified timber comes from sustainable and well managed forests and makes a positive contribution to the local economy.

In addition, we steer clear of using plastic or cardboard packaging and instead we will wrap your order in blankets. On occasions when we do need to use packaging, this is either re-used or recycled where appropriate.

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