The Beauty of Handcrafted Accessories

Handcrafted Home Accessories – The Beauty of Handmade Items

Handcrafted home accessories add beauty to your home interior.  The attention to detail is immaculate and each accessory has a unique quality since they are not mass-produced on a production line.

Here, at Puji, we have a passion for handcrafted home accessories. Not only do they complement our reclaimed teak furniture, but every piece is made by a real artist in Indonesia and each piece has its own unique story.  We feel there is something special about coming across remote areas of Indonesia and discovering these hidden talents and work of arts and then bringing them to the UK high street.  It gives you the opportunity to feel as though you’re buying direct from Indonesia’s talented makers and by doing so we can continue to support our gifted workers.

Handcrafted Home Accessories – The Beauty of Handmade ItemsAs they are not machine made, no two of our handcrafted items will ever be the same.  We pride ourselves on making items that combine contemporary designs while also using beautiful natural materials such as bamboo, shell and reclaimed wood.    When designing our ranges we try to make them different from anything else you’ll find on the high street and we want you to fall in love with the beauty and quality of every piece you purchase.  Our contemporary handcrafted accessories add instant warmth and an exotic touch to your interior: they are visually stunning and just a few key pieces can completely transform your home.

We have listed just 5 of our best sellers to showcase the natural beauty of our range:

Handcrafted Home Accessories – The Beauty of Handmade Items1)      Bamboo Candle Set- These stylish bamboo candles never go out of fashion and are handmade by laying bamboo in resin.  They will make an attractive centrepiece wherever they are displayed and, even better, they are refillable so will last all year round!



Handcrafted Home Accessories – The Beauty of Handmade Items2)      Teak Snack Bowl- Hand made from reclaimed teak wood in Indonesia this natural teak bowl is divided into 3 compartments so you can offer your guests an array of snacks.



Handcrafted Home Accessories – The Beauty of Handmade Items3)      Bamboo Fruit Bowl- This fruit bowl is so stylish it will make an impressive display on any table or kitchen counter.  Most importantly, it has been made from eco-friendly bamboo and then hand-lacquered.  Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and renewable resources.  It grows so rapidly that it doesn’t even require replanting!


Handcrafted Home Accessories – The Beauty of Handmade Items4)      Handcrafted Rose Shell Mirror- This beautiful mirror has been made by a true artisan in Bali, each individual shell has been intricately affixed together to form rose styled flowers.  This mirror is elegant in design and would make a gorgeous addition to any home.


Handcrafted Home Accessories – The Beauty of Handmade Items5)      Decorative Teak Pot-This natural, earthy Teak pot has been hand crafted from very aged reclaimed wood timbers that are filled with character and history.  It’s a truly unique piece!



We also have a vast collection of UK based products that combine traditional techniques such as hand poured candles, colourful soft furnishing designs and serving ware manufactured from sustainable practices.  Here, at Puji, we are committed to sourcing and manufacturing collections in a way that is environmentally friendly and responsible.

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