The Teak Living Room

Our guide to furnishing your living room with beautiful teak furniture

Living Room Furniture | Teak Coffee Tables | Textured Rugs | Plasma and TV Units

Your living room should be a sanctuary away from the every day stresses of modern living.  This is a room that you will spend many hours in and creating an ideal and relaxing space is of upmost importance.

Teak living room furniture is a popular choice because it is resistant to rust and corrosion and more resistant to scratches than other woods.  It has immense strength and durability.  Before you begin purchasing furniture for your living room, make sure you measure up and plan so that you buy pieces that are the right proportions.

Purchasing the right living room furniture will add sophistication and grace to you room and wooden furniture can be a great way of adding flavour to this space.  Beautifully crafted pieces of furniture can enhance the assets of your room.  Here at Puji we offer a great selection of light and dark pieces to add style to your lounge.

Your coffee table is a great starting point and a teak coffee table makes a gorgeous addition to any home interior. Coffee tables should be practical yet stylish and can be the piece that pulls the room together.  Simple lines and clean designs can empathize the beauty of the wood.

The natural imperfections of the teak reclaimed wood ensure each piece retains its original beauty and thickness.  This robust look makes a rustic yet elegant statement piece and this range captures the true luxury that reclaimed teak can bring to everyones home.

Living Room Furniture | Teak Coffee Tables | Textured Rugs | Plasma and TV Units

Besides your coffee table there are a few key pieces that your living room will need to incorporate.  Bookcases are perfect for displaying your favorite books and collections.

A side table or nest of tables can sit besides your sofa and offer another practical surface.  Although small, these items often leave a large footprint on a room so careful consideration is important and it can be useful to place you larger items in the room first to assess your space.

If you have the additional space a slim, sleek console is another stylish piece to consider. Versatile console tables can offer a surface for displaying accessories and some even offer an additional shelf or drawers for extra storage.  Add a beautiful stunning table lamp and you have created another interesting focal point for your room.

After you have furnished your living room it will need to be dressed with beautiful throws and cushions.  These will introduce an array of colours, patterns and textures.  A textured rug can also help soften the lines of your furniture and add warmth to the living room and a hand crafted statement mirror will reflect light and help the room appear larger and more airy.

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