Tips for Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Styles

Are you planning to remodel your bedroom, or perhaps the bedroom of a child or member of your household? While many of us are on tight-budgets these days, adding one piece of wooden bedroom furniture can bring the quality and comfort of your bedroom up a notch.

Here we offer four distinct styles on how to redesign your bedroom with pieces of solid wood furniture, from the pink white of a Parisian chamber to the natural wood colouring of a wizard’s room.

While everyone appreciates well-made furniture in their home and work spaces, the Puji range featured below takes wood that has outlived its original use, and carefully re-uses it to create modern, contemporary pieces in a wide range of styles.

Exotic Style Bedroom

Most couples go away to exotic island resorts to help recapture the love they shared on their honeymoon or romantic vacation. Rather than go away to do this, you can spend half the money and place a romantic feeling in your own bedroom.

Exotic Bedroom Style: Olympia Bench Seat

If you love the look and feel of international objects in your room, the exotic style incorporates international design and global furniture and fabrics.

Tip: One of the things you can do to make your room look more enticing is incorporating a piece of rustic bedroom furniture. Place a bench seat at the edge of your bed, this bench will serve as a sitting place to take off shoes as well as a welcoming rest stop.

French Style Bedroom

A Parisian Boudoir bedroom theme calls for finely chosen antique pieces. Colours such as pink and white furnished with dark or light oak furniture can create the appropriate visual effect.  Two vintage lamps placed on bedside tables on each side of the bed complete the look.

Oak bedroom furniture is a wood meant to hold strong items and an oak wardrobe or oak bed is especially sturdy and great choice for a French Style bedroom.

French Style Bedroom: Paris Oak Bed

Tip: If you splurge on anything, make it the bed, the most important feature of any bedroom. A solid wood bed such as the Paris Oak bed will enhance the most basic bedroom.  Add a heap of frilly cushions onto the bed with strategically placed lamps and it will give your bedroom a complete makeover.

Wizards Bedroom

Let your kids read or watch the Harry Potter series in the comfort of their own room, their own “magic” room that is! Let their creativity and imagination run wild in a bedroom that might include a night sky ceiling, a rocking chair, natural wood colouring furniture and velvet cushions.

Infuse the bedroom with blue-green colours and velvet fabrics so as to give it an authentic wizard-themed look. Allow your child to help you choose wizard-inspired craft pieces.

Wizard Style Bedroom: Tree branch box

Cheerful motifs such as a globe will add to the “adventure” style that a wizards bedroom can bring.

Tip: While the other bedroom pieces might be cheaper, one piece of sturdy furniture will last your child a lifetime. The Tree-Branch Box will be sure to add a piece of natural magic. It’s natural wood finish will go well with blues-green colours. Buy the same natural colour bed to create harmony in the room.

Oriental Style Bedroom

With a minimalist yet captivating touch, an Oriental style bedroom allows minimum interior decoration in exchange for a few items that will make the room appear more luxurious. Oriental bedroom styles usually have two dominant colours or contain a mixture of neutral and bright colours.

Adding area rugs to your Oriental style bedroom can make the room feel more exotic; especially on a wood floor it can give an exceptional feel. Add a simple flower arrangement in an unassuming vase. Get Asian style bed sheets and quilts, usually a solid colour will compliment the rest of the room. A divider in the room will also create more character.

Oriental Furniture Style: Shanxi Wellington

Oriental furniture is popular in the bedroom because its polished designs help generate a space of peace and calm. Organisation and harmony are vital in this style and a few best quality functional furniture pieces are chosen to create this haven of peace and tranquillity.

Tip: Buy a piece or several of pieces oriental bedroom furniture including wardrobes, chest of drawers and mirrors finished in oriental black lacquer or white lacquer. Chinese furniture such as this sleek chest, made from solid wood presented in a black-antiqued lacquered finish with stressed edging, is the perfect styled wood bedroom piece.


With any of the above styles you can add some luxury candles, rugs or cushions to fine-tune the room. It can be expensive as you want to make it, but usually one high-quality piece of hardwood furniture will make your room go the distance!

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