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If you are looking for contemporary bedroom furniture, your bedroom is the most personal room in your home and it should be a reflection either of your true self or of the things you want to attract into your life. Decide what you want in your life and put it in your bedroom. The atmosphere might be peaceful and relaxing, conducive to a great nights sleep or vibrant and inspirational to promote and stimulate creativity.

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The first thing you need to decide on when decorating your bedroom is the feel you are going for. Make sure that you are completely at home with the look so that you can relax more easily as you go to sleep. Do you want a very sexy, sensual bedroom? Would you like a peaceful, Zen theme? Or how about an invigorating bright bedroom that will inspire you as you sleep?

Whatever you decide to do with this room, you’re going to need a few key contemporary bedroom furniture pieces – a bed, bedside table, a wardrobe and extra furniture for storage. Plenty of storage space is vital for a tidy, uncluttered, spacious looking home, and the bedroom is an ideal place for surplus storage space.

Here are some suggested themes for your bedroom;

Sexy and Sensual

For a sexy look in your bedroom, you could go for a crimson colour scheme. Try a creamy colour with a deep red feature wall or panels. Match your feature or accent wall colour with cushions or throws. Purple tones can be very sensual too. Go for a dark aubergine for that luxurious, romantic feel.

Colour isn’t the only thing to think about when creating a sensual space. Your bed should be a subtle contrast to the rest of the room and be as inviting as possible. Try a sumptuous four-poster bed. Our modern organic bed sheets and plenty of cushions.

And of course, you’ll need storage for all those discarded clothes! The red tones of a teak wardrobe  are perfect and would look good in a sensual-themed bedroom. Having said that, in the throes of passion you’re more likely to fling your clothes onto an elegantly sexy seat rather than putting them away neatly in a wardrobe!

You’ll also need matching bedside tables and a dressing table to look your best.

Peaceful and Zen

Balance is key for this theme. Go for clean lines without too much detail, and mostly light colours, but put in some darker tones too to balance the room.

Invest in a really good mattress to help you sleep in your peaceful Zen room.

Blue and green hues are strongly associated with peace and calm. Alternatively, neutral beiges, creams and browns will make you feel relaxed and set off the furniture perfectly.

Invigorating and inspirational

You can try a bold look by using contrasting colours with the accessories in the bedroom. You could try blue and orange, opposites on the colour spectrum that work really well together.

If you would like the Oriental look in your inspirational bedroom, try introducing black lacquered furniture.   If you are looking for an easy way to decorate, picking one range and sticking with it is a great idea – especially if you don’t feel confident in your personal decorating skills.

If you are a little more adventurous, try combining furniture pieces from different ranges. Different colours will bring out different tones in the wood. Warm colours will make the wood almost glow. Neutral colours will look good with the furniture, but may not be particularly invigorating; try contrasts for that refreshingly inspirational look. Cool colours such as lemon yellows and bright blues will make light coloured unfinished teak furniture look even lighter, and could lend itself to an almost beach side feel.

Whatever look you’re going for, Puji has an extensive range of contemporary bedroom furniture and something to suit everyone. Take a look today!

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