Top Ten Home Decorating Tricks with Mirrors

Handmade Mirrors - Top Home Decorating Tips with a Mirror

No home is complete without a mirror and most designers would go as far as to say every room should have one.  Mirrors are often introduced to the home for practical reasons such as reflecting light and expanding space, but a beautiful, intricate handmade mirror is a stunning feature in its own right.

Handmade mirrors have an attention to detail that simple mirrors are lacking, and they will certainly add warmth and depth to your interior space. Mirrors can do wonders to your home from illuminating dark, dreary corners to adding elegance and sophistication to an area – and a unique mirror will serve as a work of art.

Handmade Mirrors - Top Home Decorating Tips with a MirrorHere, at Puji, we have a superb collection of wall mirrors and have made sure there is a mirror for every taste, whether you are looking for unique, romantic, ultra modern or classic. If you are searching for the mirror, we have put together this simple guide filled with our top ten decorating tricks to help you make the most out of this versatile home accessory.


1)     Conservatory Mirrors – I’m always surprised when I see a conservatory without a mirror as this room is an add-on to your outdoor garden area and a large mirror mounted on the wall will reflect the light. Try and place your conservatory mirror on the wall opposite the garden and your outdoor space will look even larger!

2)     Hallway Mirrors – In the hallway, why not replace your picture wall with a mirror wall?  Mirrors in assorted sizes, styles and shapes will look striking on the stair wall.  It will also help double your space and open up narrow or dark hallways.

1)     Floor Leaning Mirrors – These can serve as a great way to cover up an area or brighten a dull space.  If you have a small hallway then adding a full length mirror behind your console table will give the appearance of a mirrored wall.  This is an effective and contemporary way to give the illusion of space.  In the bedroom, a leaner mirror can be a bold and gorgeous focal point in the room.  Add an extra-large mirror to reflect the light and serve as a last minute check point before you leave the house.

2)     Bedroom Mirrors – In the bedroom, why not introduce a large framed mirror to fill the wall behind your bed and serve as a contemporary headboard?  This striking look is often seen in hotel rooms and show homes because it makes a dramatic feature and will get guests talking.

3)     Bathroom Mirrors – If you are trying to create an elegant bathroom then add a Venetian mirror above the bath or on the wall opposite. Our all-glass stargate mirror has a contemporary frame that is sure to catch the light from all angles in the bathroom, and create a dazzling reflection and play of light.

4)     Handcrafted Mirrors – Add pizzazz above a sideboard or console table to help a much loved furniture item stand out. Our stunning, round Sola mirror would look gorgeous mounted above a rustic piece of furniture.  Handmade, the attention to detail is exquisite and this mirror is filled with natural beauty.

5)     Leaner Mirrors – Add a large, ornate leaner mirror to the wall opposite your dining table.  The grand presence of the mirror will have the effect of a large piece of art.  Simply add a chandelier above the table and your guests will be dining in sophisticated style.

6)     Living Room Mirrors – Try something new in your living room and, rather than one large feature mirror, try hanging multiple matching mirrors on the same wall.  If you have a large wall why not add 3 or even 6 mirrors in a grid like display to really draw the eye? Remember to avoid using small mirrors if your wall space is big.

7)     Dining Room Mirrors – Add a pair of mirrors to flank the fireplace in your dining room.  Having a matching pair of mirrors will emphasize the room’s symmetry.  If you have a circular dining table, then make sure to add round mirrors as it will play off the circular shape of the dining table.

8)     Overmantle Mirrors – If you have a mantel place then a handmade mirror will look chic, especially if the mirror is leant on the mantle, rather than hung above it.  You can then place pretty accessories and decorative ornaments around it or even in front of it so it’ll catch the reflection.

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